Expecting Guests? Here’s What They Usually Notice in a Dirty Home

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Here’s What Your Guests Might Notice in Your Home:

I’ve just hosted a small party last weekend, as my family came over.

After making sure that I baked a lovely cake, I hung my pretty decorations on the wall. Obviously, I felt immense pressure to deep clean the whole house for my guests.

So I hadn’t planned to pick up a bunch of stuff, but actually, dust baseboards, consistently mop all the floors, and shine the stainless appliances.

Oh, and wipe down every bathroom until it smells like a garden during spring. I obviously didn’t want my family and their friends to think God-knows-what about my house.

However, I didn’t manage to do all that according to my plans. And still, it seems that everyone had a great time. Apparently, those who you invite into your home will never actually be as critical as you imagine them to be.

However, this doesn’t mean they won’t notice some stuff. But the question here is, naturally, what will they notice? After asking for a couple of opinions, I managed to gather a small list.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments section!

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  • Bonnie

    I just don’t invite anyone over. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. My house is 900 sq. Ft of living space. And I smoke. No worries here.

  • peggy

    My home is always clean just the way we live.

  • Diana erickson

    I think Covid has altered a lot of people and how they clean their homes. I am blessed that someone cleans my hous but there are certain areas I need for her to clean. Kitchen especially when having guests that like to gather. Of course bathrooms , they have to be for health reasons .
    I have a small dog so I am always cleaning his bedding etc but I’m not critical of homes with pets that smell like pets they have pets! As long as it’s not poop or pee.
    Merry Christmas Happy Holidays everyone.?

  • Janet

    Kitchen & Bathroom should be Clean for me that’s all
    That’s needed.Enjoy the company.😊

  • Dave severson

    If people are somehow affended by your home than F**K them!!

  • Tad

    if you don’t like my pet hair, then don’t visit. I probably like my pets more than I do you anyway. lol
    Seriously… if you have pets, you’re going to have pet hair. Love me, love my pets!

  • Daryl

    Ray Buttigieg, Cindy. Look for the horizontal line of black, numbered squares and click through to read the story.

  • Sherrie

    I can agree with all of the suggestions. It seems those are the areas most people should at least make some effort. I personally do notice odors when I enter a room. I have a pet and I really try to keep up with the dog hair. Bathrooms are another place I think should be really clean, nothing worse than seeing a dirty toilet. But I know everyone has their opinion about what is clean and tidy. Some people are just not great housekeepers.

  • Rhonda

    🤦🏼‍♀️ That’s not nice! You could have just passed up the comment section if you had nothing nice to share instead of your negativity! Js imo

  • Dianne Lawrence

    I appreciated this article a lot as I’m in the middle of tidying my house up. I’m in the middle of watching hoarders a real wake up call. I agreed with all the tips you gave. Thank you.

  • Diane Smoots

    Greatly appreciated, I agree with all the suggestions. Thank you so much is

  • DUST!! Make sure all horizontal surfaces are dusted and if wood, they are polished.

  • Pam

    All tht is really necessary, in my opinion, is to have a clean bathroom and your bed made when guests are coming. I think guests are much more interested in the food they are offered.

  • Gosia

    I have a very “homie” home. Everyone make some positive comment. It is VERY eclectic. The nicest comment I have ever received was from a 7 year old little girl who entering my house exclaimed: “WHAT A CUTE LITTLE HOME”. The house is around 4,000 sqf. : ))

    • Christine Pearson

      As far as I’m concerned, why should one kill oneself to over clean ones home before guests arrive? They’re going to leave a bigger mess when they leave.

    • Nikki

      LOL- guess she lives in a really big house.

  • Rebecca

    Good article and I enjoyed it, all good suggestions when you are having guests. For me, the first thing that hits me about someone else’s home is the smell. Dirty houses always smell like dirty houses; clean it up!

    • Ronnie M Petz

      If you think the house smells don’t visit. That’s so rude you said that I’m glad you don’t visit me.

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