13 Beautiful Entryway Ideas You Can Easily DIY

Do you have an organized entryway?

A beautiful and welcoming home starts with a nice entryway that is just as beautiful. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, just a little touch of creativity, to give it a good vibe.

But before you start the fun part, the first thing you have to do is to declutter, so that there is enough room for functional storage units and organizers. When you’re done with that, you can look for a mudroom bench that looks good paired with a pretty rug.

Things might get a bit complicated if your entryway is small, but that’s where we step in. Take a short tour of these 13 beautiful entryway ideas you can easily DIY, that will also help you declutter, organize, and give your entryway the makeover it deserves.

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1. Circle Chain Entryway Mirror

You can easily impress your guests with a good-looking entryway by adding a circle chain to your mirror.  When it comes to the shape of the mirror, a round one will look better and more stylish compared to a square one.

You can achieve this look by mounting a round mirror on a wood round, then hanging it on the wall with the help of metallic gold or silver chains and hooks.

2. Coat Rack 

Often times you have no idea what to do with the wall space behind the main entrance door, so you might leave it empty or add a mirror or a painting. Both of these ideas look good and make your home feel a bit more welcoming, but if you’re looking for something more practical and functional, a coat rack might be the best idea.

You can easily DIY by installing a coat rack or a display shelf with knobs. If you want to take an extra step, you can paint it in your favorite colors.

3. Wall Shelf 

Entryways don’t need a lot of effort to look good, but a small touch of creativity goes a long way. You can easily install a wall shelf that has a mountain peak style. Furthermore, you can decorate it with some small plants and add some knobs to make it a practical coat rack as well.

If you want to be extra, you can think of something you want your entryway to transmit, such as a beachy vibe. If you choose something like this, you can paint the shelf in earthy and lighter colors, such as nude, baby blue, white, and powder pink, and maybe add a few shells to bring the whole look together.

4. Add a rug 

A nice, high-quality rug is a perfect item to add to a small entryway and make it look bigger than it actually is. You can choose from a bunch of colors, sizes, shapes, and prints, but get one that looks good in combination with the other things in your home, to achieve a stylish and modern look.

5. Boot planter

Nothing says “Welcome to my home” better than a boot planter under your entry shelf that makes you think of nature and sunny days. You’ll immediately forget that you have a small entryway when you’ll see how cute and natural your decor is.

…Have you ever thought of a DIY idea like this?

6. Bench with a shoe rack 

If you have a few wood planks left over from other projects of yours and you have no idea what to do with them, here is a great tip: turn them into a shoe rack that has individual shelves for shoe display. If you can, also add a sitting bench to tie the look together.

If you want something more special and glamorous, add some fuzzy fabric on your bench or paint the rack in pastel tones with golden accents.

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7. Key and mail holder organizer on the wall

Not that much space available? No problem, because this key and mail holder wall organizer will be the perfect little touch for your entryway! It’s easy and fun to DIY and you’ll enjoy seeing it every time you come home.

The only things you need are a few wood planks, a hammer, some nails, and patience. Trust us, the result will be worth it!

8. Shelf and mirror 

…You might start looking in the mirror a lot with this idea!

Are you looking for something that’s more stylish, classic, and modern to spice up your entryway?

A big round mirror and an accent shelf might be enough to impress everyone who enters your home. It looks put together and elegant, and it’s a great place for taking pictures.

9. Small table 

There are many things you can do to spruce up your entryway and adding a small decorative table is one of the easiest and cutest options. Pick a tiny D-shape accent console, that will create a vintage while also modern look and it will make your home seem chique.

You can also use it for storage if it has a bottom shelf and it will look great with some seasonal decor items or even some retro objects, such as a landline.

10. Table with a purse organizer

…This one might be the dream of every fashionista!

This beautiful and inventive item involves building a small but alluring console that has a built-in handbag holder or some hooks. To give your entryway even more life, you can add a mirror that has the same chromatic palette as the console.

If there’s not enough space to add all of your purses, you can fill up the remaining hooks with some hats or scarves.

11. Bench that has storage drawers

Give your small entryway the makeover it deserves by adding a mudroom bench that also has lots of drawers with plenty of storage space. We are sure this will become the most loved item in your house, especially if you throw a party and you need some time sitting, take a nap in the afternoon, or grab your favorite book and curl up with a blanket on this bench.

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12. Hanging planter

If you love nature and you enjoy being surrounded by plants and beautiful colors, you will absolutely like the idea of having a hanging planter in your entryway.

This simple decor item will make each and every one of your guests feel welcomed and happy when they see your beautiful plants. You can purchase this ”miniature” garden from a store in your city or you can even make it at home, by using three small flowerpots and tying them together with some ropes.

…Isn’t it pretty?

13. Photograph wall

If you have no idea what to do to make your entryway look good again, you can play it safe and turn one of the walls into a photo gallery of your own. Pick some frames you like and fill them up with your favorite pictures.

You can also add a small chair with a fuzzy blanket against the wall, to tie the look together, or a small console to have some storage space.

…What do you think about this idea? Tell us in the comments down below!

…If you enjoyed reading this article and you’re looking for more DIY projects to make your home even more beautiful, check this one out: Trying to Redecorate Your Bathroom? These 6 Tricks Are a Lifesaver!


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