10 Best Ways of Decorating a Small Kitchen

As the heart of your home, designing the perfect kitchen is extremely important. While smaller spaces may appear to offer fewer possibilities, finding creative small kitchen ideas can give you more choices than you might have expected.

Searching for kitchen ideas is definitely a creative process, but nothing beats a small space for challenging you to think outside the box. You can make your small kitchen function better and appear bigger by using every spare inch, adding additional solutions where necessary and reorganizing areas that don’t run as smoothly as you’d like.

While sometimes having a small kitchen may be frustrating, there’s no need to despair. We got you! We’ve created a list of some of the best design layouts that will fit your home’s traditional style. These innovative, small kitchen ideas maximize space and incorporate must-have kitchen features, all of these without giving up good looks.

This said, get ready to redecorate your small kitchen!

U-shaped floor
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1. U-Shaped Floor Plan

Galley kitchen ideas are doing a great job in small kitchens! A U-shape floor plan simply provides more versatility when it comes to storage ideas since its layout consists of cabinetry spanning around three sides to create a galley between them. This kind of layout removes the need for corner cabinets in favor of exploiting every millimeter of space.

If you’ve always wanted to have a kitchen peninsula, this is the perfect moment to turn your dream into reality! And don’t worry, a U-shape floor plan will still work in a tiny, narrow space.

Tip: Placing the cooker in the peninsula seems to be a life-changer to some folks. It lets you glance out the window or chat with guests without removing your eyes from the stovetop.

2. Maximize the Space Using Light and Layout

Almost every homeowner would like to add some extra storage space to his house. Maximizing storage in your kitchen, however, can be tricky if there’s a small space. But no worries, we might have a solution for you! If you have tall ceilings, stacking two runs of medium height, shorter wall cabinets on top of each other is definitely going to maximize the vertical space.

Some kitchen designers recommend keeping a gap between the ceiling and the cabinets. This will give you a clear view of the entire room and avoids enclosing the area. To visually expand a small kitchen even more, consider increasing the natural light with some floor-to-ceiling windows or a skylight. If you can’t install bigger windows, artificial light sources can also do a great job.

3. Combine Open and Closed Shelving

Keep in mind that less is more, so instead of covering all available wall space with cabinets, go for open storage for a modern aesthetic and avoid enclosing the space. Open shelving is ideal for light-starved and small kitchens, and you won’t need too much physical space to install it. Besides, it’s adaptable to any decor scheme, from classic and minimalist to contemporary and eclectic.

Since open shelving has fewer doors, it won’t obstruct light, which will make your kitchen feel bigger.

This doesn’t mean you should opt only for an exposed storage system. You can combine open shelving and cabinets for a half-and-half look. This allows hiding your kitchen clutter behind closed doors while displaying only the best of your collection.

One wall kitchen
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4.  Think Vertically

Storage is unquestionably one of the main challenges in any house, but it’s absolutely necessary for a small kitchen. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space, opt for a one-wall kitchen. Not only is this great for smaller areas, but it also creates an impactful look. This kind of system maximizes efficiency without sacrificing functionality, which is awesome. Think vertically and use as much storage space as feasible by taking advantage of the height of your walls.

Once you’ve decided where this wall kitchen is going to go, start thinking about light. Wall-to-wall cabinetry tends to block out light in a small kitchen, making the area appear more cramped and smaller. Since this isn’t your purpose at all, make sure you check No. 3 by including some open shelving. Using this on the upper half of the wall can also help the kitchen appear taller.

5. Pay Attention to Your Flooring

You need to carefully pay attention to some details if you want to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen. For instance, choosing the right tile may help you create the illusion of space. Contrary to popular thinking, a larger tile works better when it comes to achieving optical illusions. A smaller tile means more grout joints which can draw attention away from the tile and close the space.

Many kitchen designers recommend a 900 x 600 tile which has a pretty versatile size that fits well in both larger and small kitchens.

Instead of tile, you can opt for a wood effect with porcelain which seems to be extremely popular nowadays due to its narrow and long format that works great in tighter areas. Choosing a complementary grout color will make the grout less noticeable which tends to visually open the space out.

6. Get Creative With Corners

A small kitchen still has to provide everything you may need for the most basic food preparation and serving, which demands a lot of kitchen items. This means that it is crucial to utilize all the space available by being savvy and creative with design ideas.

Make sure your kitchen furniture is as tall as physically possible to stretch the space and make it appear larger. For instance, you can create your own magic corner and other clever systems to use every inch of the space you have.

Hanging glasses under the cupboard is another clever and creative kitchen storage idea. It not only saves spaces that would otherwise be lost, but it also creates storage space inside the cabinets.

7. Opt for Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

When the space you have is limited, a creative compact kitchen design is the way to go! If you have a small kitchen, it’s essential to choose the right layout to ensure every inch of the area is utilized.

Having a bank of cabinetry along one wall is an excellent approach to opening up and streamlining the space. Tall wall cabinets are ideal for tiny, galley-style kitchens since they make the room feel less enclosed compared to larder-style cupboards.

If you’re on a tight budget, building faux custom cabinets up to the ceiling can be a good alternative. Another option would be to extend the ceiling down by building soffits that lower the ceiling height to join the tops of the cabinets.

Light and airy kitchen
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8. Choose a Light and Airy Design

A small kitchen shouldn’t limit you in terms of color. However, there are some key things to keep in mind when you decide to change your kitchen’s colors. It is known that darker-colored units tend to absorb the light. So, if you’re redesigning your kitchen to free up more space, don’t overlook the subtle details. Small details, like the use of materials, are absolutely essential in any kitchen makeover.

Lighter paint colors and wood finishes work well to make your kitchen appear larger. However, light shades like whites and creams tend to be less popular right now, so a smoky grey scheme turns out to be a great compromise. Combine these tones with light-colored countertops and voilà, you have a spacious and airy kitchen!

9. Turn Every Corner Into a Storage Space

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a kitchen extension, make the most of the space you already have. You must have a few areas where there is wasted space, such as the shelves under the windows, the gaps between shelves or unused corners. Store kitchen items you rarely use in those corners and don’t be afraid to mix colors and textures. It will definitely look more creative and eye-catching.

Another option would be to add extra shelves across alcoves and in corners. You can even install a magnetic knife board or a utensil rail, a rack hung over your kitchen door or some hooks on the sides of your cabinets.

10. Choose High-Impact, Low-Cost Elements

You can give your small kitchen a dramatic facelift without breaking the bank. Changing wooden cabinet doors to glass, installing a pressed-tin backsplash panel above the range, and adding a wine rack above the fridge, all pack a punch without costing a fortune. For a more sophisticated look, buy some shimmery jewelry — nickel cabinet hardware — from a home center and that’s it! You have a redesigned kitchen.

You can also change your cabinet colors by painting them. While white or another light hue may be the obvious route, black makes a bold statement and an eggshell finish adds a sophisticated look. The options are countless.

If you’re looking for ways to redecorate your house, here are 14 Easy Weekend Projects for Your Home You Can DIY.


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