These Beautiful 7 Decor Trends Won’t Pass the Test of Time

…What is your favorite trend when it comes to decorating your home?

If there is something that the majority of people hate, it’s when they spend a lot of time on interior design trends, just so that they’re completely out of style the next season. This is similar to a wardrobe faux pas when you buy something simply because it looks good or because you’ve seen someone have it.

But just like we do with our clothing items, sometimes our home interiors need a good fresh makeover as well. Don’t get us wrong, design trends don’t fade as quickly as fashion ones, but wouldn’t it be better to know that you picked up something that will look good even after 5 years?

With that being said, we know it can be pretty hard to navigate the fine line between trend and outdated, so to make sure that you’ve never left too far behind, we’ve created this list of decor dos and don’ts just for you.

Want to know what our best tip is? Don’t go overboard on trends and choose to spend money on pieces that you’ll love even after a few years. Here are 7 decor trends that might be beautiful, but won’t pass the test of time!

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1. Fast furniture 

Trust us, we understand that it’s easy to buy fast furniture, but if you really give it a thought, you’ll realize that it’s not very convenient whatsoever. Just like fast fashion, fast furniture isn’t sustainable and it’s not of high quality either. Buying something just because of a new trend that won’t last longer than six months is surely not the best way to save money or to make your home look its best.

When you’re looking for a new piece you want to purchase, think about how much time you plan on keeping it. If your answer is less than a few years, that’s your clue you should think again or look at something else.

If you want to get something that is not high street either, it might be a good option to look for antique furniture. It would look absolutely great and it will surely create a statement.

2. Too much pink

We love pink. We really do, but it’s not immortal and you’ll surely get bored of it in a couple of months. Even if you didn’t like this color before, there’s a chance that you are all about it now. From the runways to bedrooms, restaurants, cafeterias, or bathrooms, this color had its big moment.

As much as we like the way it looks, too much of a good thing might drive you crazy sooner or later. We’re not saying that you should throw away every pink item you own just because this trend will eventually pass, but rather opt for a touch of color, not a monochromatic room.

You already know that nothing stays the same forever, so why invest in a room that’s fully pink, just so you have to redecorate it in a few months? If you love this color so much, stick to pink sheets, a blanket, a chair, a vase, or whatever item you like, but don’t go full-on with this trend.

3. Cement 

Do you remember those cement planters everyone was crazy about a few years ago? They still look good, but they’ve reached saturation point. If you’re on the hunt for something new, such as a pot, a table, or a floor, that will also stay in for quite a while, we have great news for you: go for terrazzo and travertine.

They are some of the best trends from the ’70s and they will look flawless even after a longer period of time. Besides that, they also have the same high-gloss appeal as cement, but they won’t go out of style if you know how to properly use them.

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4. Word decor 

It might’ve been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting trends out there, but it is time to say goodbye and move on to something else. Whether it’s spelled out in big and colorful light blocks or hung on walls, word art might be suitable for children’s bedrooms, but is not that stylish for adults.

Wouldn’t you prefer a nice, simple yet stylish piece of art, rather than a basic word sign in your living room? Replace those signs with something that is more mature and that it will pass the test of time. You can choose from a different bunch of things, such as a print or an art piece. We are sure that you’ll like it better and you won’t get bored of it!

5. Nautical 

Many people like to decorate their homes with a nautical theme, although they don’t live anywhere near the sea. If you’re tired of this trend that is all about navy blue, boats, blue and white stripes, and anchors, go for more muted, classic, and stylish accents, such as pastel tones, light greys, and creams.

It will give your home a modern look while keeping everything fresh and breezy. Opt for things that are not only in today’s trend, but that will also look good after a few years. If you want to change the aspect of your kitchen, for instance, get appliances that are stainless steel, so that you won’t get bored with too much color.

6. Edison lights

Edison lights, also known as exposed bulbs, had their own glorious moment, but now it’s time for this trend to go. We know it’s easy and beautiful to fall into a “warehouse chic” home aesthetic, but if you’re looking for something that is cozier and a bit softer, this isn’t right for you.

You can still embrace the minimalist and rustic vibe you might like, but with some items that are timeless. You can try bulbous-bodied shades or cone shapes as lights so that you can make a statement while also making sure that you won’t have to get anything new in a couple of months.

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7. Grey wash floorboards

We can’t argue with the fact that grey-washed floorboards indeed look good, but we believe you might get tired of them sooner or later. If you want something classic, stylish, and simple, and that is not part of a trend, we believe that you might like the way white flooring looks.

People who are all about grey wash might say that it hides the mess better, but wouldn’t that make you lazy and sluggish? A white floor will make your home look more stylish, modern, put together, and will have an airy effect you’ll absolutely adore!


Whether you like any of these trends or not, it might be better to stay away from them as much as possible, unless you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time trying to redecorate your whole home when a new trend appears.

It’s easy to focus all of your attention and desire on things that look good at the moment and items that everybody talks about, but it’s better to invest in things that are high-quality and that will look good even after a few years of use. Don’t waste your time, energy, or cash on trends, because they come and go, but beautiful and classic items will always remain the favorites!

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