9 Best Perennial Vegetables to Plant Now!

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Have you ever wondered which vegetables will last you for years on end?

We definitely had questions when we started to look into adding a little vegetable patch to our garden. Like a lot of flowers, plants, and herbs, growing produce can also be a pretty hard task, but with a little perseverance and dedication, we are sure that you can do it. And after you harvest your first round of cucumbers, you will definitely want to expand!

However, while at first, it isn’t a bother to start growing some every spring (or even earlier if things need a germination period), it can sometimes become a hassle to keep on having to plant and replant the same type of seeds. That’s where the perennial veggies come into the picture! Just like their herb cousins, once you plant them, they will last you a long time, and you will not have to replant them again.

As long as you take good care of them, these vegetables will thrive in your garden, give you amazing produce to use in your dishes, and help you forget about the stress of having to take care of little fragile plants as they have already formed sturdy roots!

Let us know which one of the vegetables will have a reserved spot in your vegetable patch!

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