10 Stunning Outdoor Plants That Also Offer Privacy

Outdoor Plant
Photo by Kostenko Maxim at Shutterstock

What Types Of Outdoor Plants Do You Have?

Do you have prying neighbors who are getting a bit too “friendly” peeking over your fence? Or are you seeking a solution to avoid the commotion on a busy road? Growing privacy plants is the best solution if you need a little less noise and a more secluded yard.

Outdoor plants don’t just separate your yard from your neighbors, but they also add beauty and promote fresh air in your backyard space.

Whether it’s for an afternoon party with friends or a child’s playground, your backyard can become a safer and more private place with the help of some fast-growing outdoor plants!

But, to enjoy that secluded environment you want, you need to know how to pick a plant that best suits your needs. And luckily, you don’t need to browse hundreds of sites to run through each plant species.

If you’re searching for a suitable shrub or looking for information about some plants for privacy, look no further. Check out the 10 most stunning outdoor plants that double as shields from your nosy neighbors!

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  • Cyndy Belt

    Can you tell me what outdoor plant would give us privacy?
    We live in Casa Grande Arizona. We are in between Phoenix and Tuson.

    Thank you.!!!!

  • Donna

    How much does the jack frost privet run. I am in BROOKSVILLE Florida. Would that be good here.

  • Nancy Loveland

    As a lifetime gardener with an acre of gardens, I still do have one neighbor who is nasty. He’s upwind, and sends me weed seeds from his riverbank he rarely tends to. Screens would be nice to keep out the seeds, if they could.
    You do not list zones. You do not always list normal heights. You do not always list sun/pt shade/shade. That pic of ‘jack frost privet’ shows not white margins. Bamboo is not invasive? HA!! Seen it before, especially in warmer zones. I realize you had only so much room, but straightforward listing of the important stuff is so much more helpful than amusing literature.


    • Ccr

      Privet is dangerous to horses. Bamboo is extremely invasive. What about fig trees or magnolias?

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