10 Plants That Will Make Your Bathroom Look More Beautiful

…Have you ever thought about putting plants in your bathroom?

The majority of people like to have flowers in their homes to make everything look more beautiful and stylish. And everyone will find something they like because flowers are pretty and they come in different shapes, varieties, sizes, and colors.

However, there’s an unwritten rule which says that you can’t have flowers in every room of your home because they won’t look good. Just think about it: would you really like to see red roses in your bathroom? We didn’t think so either.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use ornamental plants to bring some joy to every space in your beautiful home. Besides making everything look more alive and interesting, these plants also have the ability to refresh the circulating air.

Even though some people say that it’s an actual challenge to keep ornamental plants in the bathroom, given the fact that they need certain conditions, such as humidity, light, and temperature, there are some varieties that aren’t that pretentious. If this is something that you find interesting, keep reading along with us to discover the 10 plants that will make your bathroom look more beautiful.

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1. Spider Plant

The first indoor plant on our list is the spider plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, which is one of the most popular bathroom plants. And the best part is that it’s really low-maintenance.

Besides having a great visual impact, the spider plant is able to purify the air, which will be great for your health. This plant likes bright light, but it doesn’t mind living in low light, and it can easily adapt to any humidity level.

2. Bamboo 

Do you want something pretty to make your bathroom look like a beautiful and relaxing spa? Then get yourself a bamboo! This plant loves low light, and it’s also low-maintenance, so it’s great for bathrooms that don’t have a window or a lot of light.

Before you purchase one, you should know that it grows pretty fast, so it might need to be constantly repotted. However, some experts suggest that you should put it under a shelf so that it will only grow as much as the space allows it to.

3. Ferns 

Ferns are plants that really enjoy living in the bathroom! They don’t have a problem with temperature changes, they love the shade, and they look their best when they’re placed somewhere with humidity.

Each and every type of fern has its own care regimen, but they usually prefer moist and well-drained soil and like to be placed in environments that don’t have a lot of light. If you want to purchase a fern but don’t have any idea what to buy, you can choose an asparagus fern, the bird’s nest fern, or a Boston fern.

…Which one of these species is your favorite?

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4. Calathea

If you prefer something that adds a bit of color and pattern to your bathroom, you should choose a beautiful and vibrant calathea. The majority of these plants love living in moderate and high humidity places that don’t receive a lot of sunlight. This means that they are perfect for bathrooms that only have a small window or for places that don’t have a lot of sunlight.

These beautiful plants are also known as prayer plants, given the fact that during the night, their leaves curl up like hands in prayer. To make sure that their leaves receive the amount of sunlight that they need, you should wipe them every time they get dusty.

5. Gardenia 

Gardenia is another plant that will surely make your bathroom look a lot better and more stylish than ever! The tropical gardenia feels right at home when it’s in a humid bathroom or when the steam from your shower or your bath provides just the right amount of moisture and humidity it needs.

If you love the way this plant looks and you want to purchase one for your home, you should know that it really loves sunlight, and it looks its best when it stays in the light at least four hours a day. So if you want to get something like this, be sure that your bathroom has a big window, and it’s facing the south or the west.

6. Peace Lily 

The peace lily is a pretty, elegant, and delicate flower that will spruce up your bathroom in just a second with its beautiful foliage! This plant craves humidity, and it doesn’t need much of your attention. Even though they need a lot of sunshine to bloom, they don’t mind living in low light and only occasionally enjoying some indirect sunlight.

If you want to take care of your plant and make it even prettier, place it as close as possible to a steamy shower so that it can receive all the humidity and moisture that it needs. Besides having a big visual impact, another great thing about this plant is that it is really good for air purifying. Make sure to keep the soil moist because the peace lily might wilt if the soil gets too dry.

Photo by Eirene Fagus from shutterstock.com

7. Aloe Vera

Are you looking for a bathroom plant that is not only beautiful but that will actually help your skin look and feel better as well? Then an aloe vera plant might be exactly what you need. This will help you soothe skin, reduce itchiness, and also heal minor burns, so it’s great for both your bathroom and your skincare routine.

But before you decide to get one, you should know that they look and work best when they’re kept in bathrooms with natural sunlight and big windows, which also helps them grow stronger.

8. Spider Plant

Just like the first plant we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, the snake plant, the spider plant, enjoys bright light just as much, but it doesn’t care a lot about living in low light either. You have to keep them out of direct sunlight, otherwise, their leaves will scorch. They are low-maintenance, as they usually prefer more humidity, but will also tolerate low levels of it as well.

9. Orchids 

Orchids are another great choice to quickly spruce up the look of your bathroom! They are small enough so they can fit in all types of spaces, and they’re all about humidity. They can live in low light, but they look and feel their best when they get plenty of indirect and bright sunlight, so they won’t have a problem if you keep them on your windowsill.

Even though they enjoy humidity, they like it better when their soil is on the drier side, so it’s better to water them every now and then so that you won’t slump down.

10. Pothos

The last plant on our list is the pothos, a pretty hanging bathroom plant that has long trawling vines that can grow up to 10 feet long. They don’t really need the extra humidity, and they’re great for any bathroom, given the fact that they have a high tolerance for both irregular watering and low light levels. You should trim them when they get too long, and don’t forget to water them whenever the soil is dry.

…What do you think about these beautiful plants for your bathroom? Which one of these would you choose? Tell us in the comments down below!

…If you find this article helpful and you want to know more about flowers, check this article out as well: 12 Birth Month Flowers and Their Truthful Meaning!


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