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10 Creative Ways to Reuse Wood Pallets

If your whole body is itching to initiate another DIY project, then it’s time to pull out those unused pallets that you’ve left in your garage and use them to create another piece of furniture!

Instead of letting them rot until the next bonfire, you can actually use them for various things, as long as you’re open to creative and ingenious ideas.

This way, your leftover pallets might bring you enjoyment in the future, rather than just bringing one night of hot dogs and marshmallows.

Plus, if you have more than just a couple of pallets, then you can choose more than one project from this list! Check out these 10 ideas that will get your creativity flow!

10 Ways to reuse your wood pallets:

Pallet Garden

Whether you have a big or small garden, you need to try and make the most of it! Your garden will always represent you: whether you plant in it your favorite flowers or a couple of vegetables that you want to feed your loved ones.

And if you can’t decide what to do with your backyard, good news!

You don’t have to choose anymore! You can plant whatever you might want in your backyard, and use your front porch too!

Use your wood pallets as a pallet garden that you can put in the front. You can lean these pallets against a wall or you can make them stand freely, it’s totally up to you!


Really now, did you ever hear anyone say that there’s such thing as too many couches? Because I haven’t.

Why spend A LOT of money on an outdoor couch, when you can simply use those pallets of yours to create something nice and cozy? It’s not even called improvising because it will look so nice, no one would ever say that is a DIY couch!

Plus, you can never have too much outdoor seating, so, besides a couch, you can use those pallets to make benches and even chairs that will fit your space better than a glove! If you don’t like the color of the pallets, paint them however you prefer with these acrylic paints!

wood pallet
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Grill Station

Who doesn’t love spending their summer out on the grill, having a couple of friends come over and experiment on different recipes?

If you don’t have a big setup for a barbeque, you can easily build one.

In fact, it would be much easier for you if you’d build it yourself, as you’re the only person who knows exactly what you need to have and what you don’t.

Use those wooden pallets to build a new grilling station that can house all the essentials you will need, and protect them from the bad weather.

Instead of preparing your food in two different locations, you can now do it in one place, without missing out on the interesting discussions.

Food Storage

Understanding how to properly store your food can sometimes be more of a burden than a pleasure.

The thing is, if you don’t need A LOT of space to store your bulk items, you can actually use those wood pallets to build organizers for canned goods and varying shelf sizes, so you can store your pantry exactly the way you see fit.

Before you start cutting on those wood pallets, make sure you make a proper plan ahead of time: what kind of foods you want to store, how many compartments you wish on having if there’s any room left for spices, and so on.

Also, if you haven’t built anything before, we recommend you ask for help.

Coffee Table

Well, this is a project that you might be looking forward to if you’re reaaaaally into DIY! A coffee table is perfect in any given scenario, whether we’re talking about indoors or outdoors.

Plus, crafting your own coffee table is the perfect occasion to let that creative spirit run wild!

But now back to more practical issues, a coffee table is able to withstand tougher weather conditions and the unwanted wear and tear of children or animals. After building it, you can dress it up for major guests, then easily transform it into a family gathering place for trivia nights or long dinners!


Pallets can be of great use if you want to build new storage spaces that also look very good. And when we say storage, we’re talking here about ANYTHING, from a small dresser for someone’s room to an entertainment center that would hold your TV, alongside your collection of movies and home cinema.

Get the perfect customized cabinets you need!

If you’re going for a cabinet for your TV station (and by the station I mean everything that comes along with it), then consider something wide, maybe with two levels inside, where you can put many other things besides your remote control, players, chargers, and similar items.

Wood Flooring

If you’re looking to make a statement, then I should remind you that wood flooring is a classic, which means it’s always in style! If you don’t mind a bit of extra work with those pallets, it’s possible you’ll end up with the best flooring you could possibly dream of!

Maybe you don’t have as many extra pallets you would actually need to build wood flooring, but it’s worth going to the store and buying the rest of it!

I know the whole purpose of this was to GET RID of extra pallets, but like with any other DIY project, spontaneous things and ideas always make room for….more!


I am still a bit stuck on the “big projects” chapter, so I will show you another DIY project that could take a while.

The good part is that a fence would require less cutting and reshaping, and more replacing your old rundown fence with a bunch of pieces of sturdy paneling that can be made from your leftover pallets.

It will give your yard a fantastic vibe, so rustic and original! And if you’re not into rustic so much, no problem.

You can go for a more modern approach, too! To get a picture of what it would look like, just arrange your pallets so they line up as equally as possible.

treehouse wood pallets
Photo by INTREEGUE Photography from Shutterstock


One last “big” DIY project and I’m done, I promise! So, if you feel you’ve reached a certain point in your life and you KNOW you’re FINALLY ready to go big for your kids or grandkids, then I think it’s the right time to consider building a treehouse!

There are SO many amazing ideas out there that will explain step-by-step how to create the best possible treehouse for your trees, yard, and kids!

And trust me, there are two great moments in this process: when you finally pick the treehouse of your dreams (because trust me, you’ll love this project maybe even more than the kids), and the moment you finally get to see it done.

It’s worth the effort!


It’s impossible to go wrong with a new piece of accent decor! There are various projects you can make with a pallet that looks either like a flag or depicts a family motto!

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