ssshttps://theamericanhouse.comdd@kk.rocxfuckHbcucchvc https://theamericanhouse.comlegendd3302@yahoo.comFghjgggFfuygTrish Townsend https://theamericanhouse.comtrishtownsend@comcast.netUnsubscribe everythingI didn't sigh up for anything. All of this useless emailing jams my phone and computer. Please stop.Sandra J Ashehttps://theamericanhouse.comsandyashe@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEI keep unsubscribing from emails, yet they keep coming - even after 10 days. They stop for a few days and then it starts all over again. STOP IT!!! Please permanently unsubscribe me from these emails that I never asked for to begin with.Larryhttps://theamericanhouse.comlarrybishop44@comcast.netunsubscribeYour website is not user friendly. It's basically a marketing sales site. I was interested in see the list of 8 and could not get there?Robert Ciasca https://theamericanhouse.comfm30@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me I am not interestedrobert clayton braytonhttps://theamericanhouse.comrcbrayton@comcast.netUNsubscribeYES UNSUBSCRIBE ME.DO NOT SELL MY E-MAIL TO SOMEONE ELSERon Groffhttps://theamericanhouse.comdutchduck@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe me Sharon Hopkins https://theamericanhouse.comsfhopkins30@comcast.netEmail Still getting all the emails LOLhttps://theamericanhouse.comlol51@comcast.netRemove from listPlease unsubscribePaulahttps://theamericanhouse.combeaverdp@comcast.netYes unsubscribe meYes unsubscribe meGerry Moertensenhttps://theamericanhouse.comgmort@comcast.netUnsubscribe HOW MANY TIME TO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP SENDING YOU ADVERTISEMENTS TO ME???? STOP SEND THIS CRAP TO ME!!!!Judy Glickhttps://theamericanhouse.comjglick2@comcast.netunsubscribeYour unsubscribe button doesn't work and I want to unsubscribe from allEmmett Brannenhttps://theamericanhouse.comemmettbrannen@comcast.netThe fucking garbage you send me.Quit sending me your adsJacque voglehttps://theamericanhouse.comjackij12@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI did not sign up for any of this. Remove me. Thank you. Rita Flygarhttps://theamericanhouse.comrflygar@yahoo.comreason for unsubscribingunsubscribing because of your political polls slanting for trumpJoe Skelton https://theamericanhouse.comskeltonauto@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Kristyhttps://theamericanhouse.comreid.kristy@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease remove me from all of your lists.Linda https://theamericanhouse.comcrowesnest119@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meJeremy Austinhttps://theamericanhouse.comjeremyaustin1017@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mejeremyaustin1017@yahoo.comLeanna Grahamhttps://theamericanhouse.comannael@comcast.netSubscription RemovalI choose NOT to receive ANY of these types of notices. To open an account having to delete these notices is not how I wish to spend my time. They are above and beyond my patience and Patience and Time Thank you for understanding. Philip Robertshttps://theamericanhouse.comproberts042001@yahoo.comEmailsNo moreMehttps://theamericanhouse.comali94965@yahoo.comI never signed up for thisStop spamming me. I never signed up for any of these emails Chris Hoddinotthttps://theamericanhouse.comc.hoddinott@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from all communications. I have tried your unsubscribe link several times over months and i am still getting your spam mail. It is infuriating. Angie Rodriguezhttps://theamericanhouse.comangie.rod76@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes, Unsubscribe MeD Hhttps://theamericanhouse.comhuston.dana@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from EVERYTHING. I keep unsubscribing and you just send me another email from a different company. I do not want your emails!Sara E deRondehttps://theamericanhouse.comsaraderonde@yahoo.comUnsolicited EmailsI did not request emails from you and I don't want any more. Thank you.Nancy Saulsberryhttps://theamericanhouse.comnancy.saulsberry@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meI dont live in California Maryhttps://theamericanhouse.comyesmumdear@yahoo.comUnsubscribe to ALLThese emails do not interest me. Please DIscontinueKathy Ghawihttps://theamericanhouse.comkghawi@comcast.netDo your job!Repeated requests to unsubscribe me have not been done. You MUST do so!Kevinhttps://theamericanhouse.comkdomer@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ME YOUR TRASHThere should be a law preventing unsolicited e-mail from companies like you. STOP NOW! I don’t want any more crap from you. Kellyhttps://theamericanhouse.comkkmce@comcast.netSpamAgain with this crap I’ve opted out idk how many times but I never signed up for your spam crap I would never support any kind of business that floods emails with crap unsubscribeLisahttps://theamericanhouse.comlkay611@yahoo.comUnemployed I did not sign up for all these emails Gray Beardhttps://theamericanhouse.comgray-beard@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!I have tried to get YOU to stop the e-mails and keep getting them STOP!!!!!!!!!onaleehttps://theamericanhouse.comowass@comcast.netunwanted emailsI find it annoying you can manage to send me junk emails but to stop them I have to tell you my email address. If you have my email address to send me crap then you have my email address to STOP sending me crapJimhttps://theamericanhouse.comdurobin@comcast.netunsubscribeI never subscribed and I never read spam or even open it.Kay Hansenhttps://theamericanhouse.comebony.ivory@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me!jeffreyhttps://theamericanhouse.comjch2717@comcast.netstop emailing mestop emailing meDIANE LARSONhttps://theamericanhouse.comsdlarson72@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe immediatelyRohrerhttps://theamericanhouse.comdlrohrer17@comcast.netYES, UNSUBSCRIBE MEYES, UNSUBSCRIBE MEAnne Millerhttps://theamericanhouse.commnmillers@comcast.netMailing listPlease PERMANENTLY remove my email address from your list!mary tompkinshttps://theamericanhouse.commmtompkins@comcast.netstop sending emailsI am so sick of these Emails I will NEVER donateSandyhttps://theamericanhouse.comsmac55@comcast.netUnsubscribeI no longer own a home at this timeNancy C Garcia many emailsI I did not request these subscriptions and they are a bother.Sharon Cohenhttps://theamericanhouse.comdanelmom@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from everything Sherry Marconihttps://theamericanhouse.comsevers40@comcast.netEmails Please take me off all your email lists. I didn’t request anything and don’t want to keep getting anything. Thank you Marty Maskiewiczhttps://theamericanhouse.commadkiewucz@comcast.netScumYou people are scum and deserve to go to prison. A. Williams https://theamericanhouse.comajpwms22@comcast.netRemove my e-mail Do not include my e-mail on mailing’s Rosehttps://theamericanhouse.comrosecasazza@verizon.netstop emailsplease take my email of all your advertising lists.Nancy Mikelshttps://theamericanhouse.comncm1219@aol.comunsubscribe not interested Nancy Mikelshttps://theamericanhouse.comncm1219@aol.comunsubscribe not interested acepedasr@aol.comhttps://theamericanhouse.comacepedasr@aol.comunsubscriUnsubcribe me now...thank youUnsubcribe me now .Karen Swaimhttps://theamericanhouse.comsp1069@yahoo.comNever subscribedI never subscribed to this or a bunch i never subscribed to this or of other sites listedJohn Vinohttps://theamericanhouse.comvino12342@comcast.netnoneplease stop all emails. ThanksJay Terpenny https://theamericanhouse.comEaglebrook1540@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Lhttps://theamericanhouse.comHauntinghunter08@aol.comUnsubscribeNever signed up. Don't own house. Please unsubsidized from everything. Thank youJeff Gallhttps://theamericanhouse.comjrgall@comcast.netPlease Remove Me from Your Mailing Lists ASAPI've manually unsubscribed to your lists multiple times over the past 3 weeks, I've used my email blocker labeled your emails as junk mail and and yet I continue to receive your emails. I never opted in to your email list and kindly ask that you remove me immediately. Thank you.Holley Milroyhttps://theamericanhouse.comholleym777@yahoo.comAmerican House. 11 small trees to make your yard/garden more beautiful I scrolled and never found the info so I'm blocking this sitecharles smithhttps://theamericanhouse.comcharlessmithlsd@verizon.netUnwanted E-mailsI keep getting these unwanted e-mail from this pest company every time i ask to be unsubscribe I start getting more pestering e-mails will you please take my e-mail off of your list ThanksMichael Higbyhttps://theamericanhouse.commikehigby.2@comcast.netunsubscribei have unsubscribed from all these spam emails several times!!! please remove me from any lists that i am on or i will pursue legal actions!! thank you. Diane Siciliano https://theamericanhouse.comRedds2@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeGary Wernerhttps://theamericanhouse.comgarywer@comcast.netunsubscribeWant to unsubscribeRebecca Wrighthttps://theamericanhouse.compaulwright2320@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meRebecca Wrighthttps://theamericanhouse.compaulwright2320@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meEmilyhttps://theamericanhouse.comestence@comcast.netunsubscribeI have repeatedly used the unsubscribe form to unsubscribe from American House emails and all other associated websites that I can select on the form to unsubscribe from. However, months later, after repeated unsubscribe attempts, I am still receiving emails. I never purposefully subscribed to any of these emails and have no desire to receive them. Please unsubscribe me permanently from American House and all affiliated websites. Sharyl L. Kistelhttps://theamericanhouse.comslkistel@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed 4 times now. Please take me off your lists. ALL. David Berenshttps://theamericanhouse.comdavidberens5501@comcast.netemailsplease unsubscribe me from all future emails please,thank you.Carolynhttps://theamericanhouse.comCarolyn4510@comcast.netUnsubscribeThis is about my 20th request to unsubscribe from ALL of your emails. PLEASE remove my email address from ALL your lists.CAREY BENJAMINhttps://theamericanhouse.comrcjrben@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEI HAVE UNSUBSCRIBED MULTIPLE TIMES AND I'M STILL GETTING YOUR JUNK EMAILS!!Peter Schulmanhttps://theamericanhouse.competerschulman@comcast.netThe American houseremove meDennis https://theamericanhouse.comdenreed64@yahoo.comStopCancelTina Morganhttps://theamericanhouse.comtinamorgan340@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all content. Dawnhttps://theamericanhouse.comshoebears@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Marie S Langfordhttps://theamericanhouse.commarielangford3610@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me!!Jane Doehttps://theamericanhouse.comhburroughs12@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meTom Michenerhttps://theamericanhouse.comtmich57@comcast.netOpt outStop sending me effing emailsLiahttps://theamericanhouse.comelizabethcaisey@comcast.netStop sending emails I never signed up to receive these emails. I continue to receive emails after unsubscribing and after the 10 days matthew andersonhttps://theamericanhouse.combfconstruct@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes please unsubscribe meSusan Millerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnasusrellim@comcast.netUnsubscribingYou give me the option to unsubscribe from your emails along with various other ones listed in the unsubscribe list AND I STILL GET THESE EMAILS FROM EVERYONE. STOP!!! I’ve indicated I want to unsubscribe.Cheryle Barneshttps://theamericanhouse.comcabarnes32@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please remove me from your mailing list. I’m not interested!Deborah Everetthttps://theamericanhouse.comAlicedog@comcast.netEverything you publish Please unsubscribe me, thank you. Not the first time I’ve asked – probably 10th.judy schneiderhttps://theamericanhouse.comjudygsch@comcat.netUnsubscriptionHave done this SO many times with various email senders and I keep getting emails with the list of companies to unsubscribe from. If I had been inclined to order/connect with any of these companies, I won't now!Ted Duvallhttps://theamericanhouse.comtduval4@comcast.netYES UNSUBSCRIBE MEYES UNSUBSCRIBE MEBetsy Richmondhttps://theamericanhouse.comLebrok@comcast.netTheAmericanhouse I’m trying to unsubscribe but to no avail !!!!!!!nancy j shermanhttps://theamericanhouse.comnancysherman@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribe this email from all communicationJhttps://theamericanhouse.comksharpe@att.netJunk e-mail Quit sending me all these emails I never signed up for. It ruins my morning when I wake up and see all this crap in my emailJoan Kirkpatrickhttps://theamericanhouse.comjlk514@comcast.netSTOP THESE EMAILSI have been requesting ALL of these emails STOP for months and I still get them. STOP this NOW!!Andrea Wagnerhttps://theamericanhouse.commonablue@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe meyour topics do not interest me craighttps://theamericanhouse.comckgangl@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from your emails S. Ballhttps://theamericanhouse.comrbtcag2457@comcast.netEmailsHow many times do I have to request my email be removed from all those sites before you finally stop sending them. I have requested 23 times and they still send them. Please remove me from your list!!Michael Fiftyhttps://theamericanhouse.comfiftymike@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too many unsolicited emails. Christyhttps://theamericanhouse.comgmtcst@comcast.netUnsubscribe my email address from any future emails. Unsubscribe my email address from any future emails. JoAnn Jirikhttps://theamericanhouse.comjcjirik@aol.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribeBarbara Romspert Gilsenanhttps://theamericanhouse.comsperts2@verizon.netUnsubscribe Not interested. Larry Smithhttps://theamericanhouse.comlarrysmith4159@yahoo.comfrustrating web siteso much information on many pages that I lose sight of the idea behind falling into "the continue trap" you should present the information as though you respect the BUSY reader's time restraintsAndre Wallstedthttps://theamericanhouse.comaswallstedt@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed MANY times, yet continue to have my account glutted with your emails. PLEASE STOP!!Kevin Lawsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comkevlawson@comcast.netRemoval from email listStop, stop, stop, stop!!!!!! I have unsubsribed from your list for months and you are still sending me emails that I don't want. Stop. Frankhttps://theamericanhouse.comguster1954@yahoo.comUnsubscibeUnsubscribeMichael Bauer https://theamericanhouse.commbauer0719@comcast.netUnsubscribe I’ve tried to unsubscribe from all your emails at least 10 times but u keep sending me the same crap. So maybe u will pay attention if I just say, Fuck U🤮Michael Bauer https://theamericanhouse.commbauer0719@comcast.netUnsubscribe I’ve tried to unsubscribe from all your emails at least 10 times but u keep sending me the same crap. So maybe u will pay attention if I just say, Fuck U🤮DVhttps://theamericanhouse.comdvlamb@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscrpibeBo Derekhttps://theamericanhouse.comedieprimavera@comcast.netStopStopSherry Gamlinhttps://theamericanhouse.comsherrygamlin_1@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBETO UNSUBSCRIBESUSAN SOWAhttps://theamericanhouse.comLIBRAGIRL6@YAHOO.COMUnwanted emails Why do you need me to enter my email address when YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! TO UNSUBSCRIBE! another scam...please remove me pleaseAndre van Ashttps://theamericanhouse.comandre1273@comcast.netunsubscribeI did not sign up for these emails and I am not interested in them and they clog up my in box with garbage.Myra Gallardohttps://theamericanhouse.commyragallardo@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed, blocked the sender, multiple times, for months now. Please UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL OF YOUR MAILINGS IMMEDIATELY! I NEVER signed up for any of them. If I continue to get your unwanted emails I will file a complaint with BBB. Jhttps://theamericanhouse.comjanethbarajas25@yahoo.comSTOP SENDING ME SHITSERIOUSLY I UNSUBSCRIBED WEEKS AGO STOPPPPP!!!! ANY FURTHER EMAILS WILL BE CONSIDERED HARRASSMENTAmber Valentinohttps://theamericanhouse.comamber_valentino@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meunsubscribe meAlice Gerlicher https://theamericanhouse.comagerlicher@gmail.comUnsubscribeMessages not relevant to me Pattihttps://theamericanhouse.compattixray61@yahoo.com10 things you shouldn't put on your countertop Couldn't find the article. Only various advertisements. I was really interested in reading that article. Pattihttps://theamericanhouse.compattixray61@yahoo.com10 things you shouldn't put on your countertop Couldn't find the article. Only various advertisements. I was really interested in reading that article. Steve Davidsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comsteve47@charter.netUnsubscribeThank youRandyhttps://theamericanhouse.comrmbassmaster@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed from your emails at least a dozen times. Why don’t you get the message?Martha McEwanhttps://theamericanhouse.comcurtis.mcewan@yahoo.comDon't want emailsI don't want any of your emails.Geoffrey Suvalhttps://theamericanhouse.comgsuval@comcast.netCan Spam Violation reported to FTCI have unsubscribed from your emails (as well as the other affiliate sites listed as other unsubscribe options) numerous times. I have been tracking the unsubscribe requests I've made as well as the unsubscribe acknowledgement emails I receive in response. These must stop. It's been well beyond the 5-10 day window and I will be making a compaint. Denise Robinsonhttps://theamericanhouse.com02.sublet-pronoun@icloud.comPlease unsubscribe Uninterested in products.Kendall Hannahttps://theamericanhouse.comkendallhanna@comcast.netDelete My Email AddressI did not ask for these emails and don’t want them. Thank you…Carole Kellyhttps://theamericanhouse.comckelly110@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!A headline grabs my attention, but the subject is buried. Another screen, stuff, no copy that I wanted to read. Best tactic for me: UNSUBSCRIBE. Research whatever the subject is myself. Unsubscribe!Cel Ashhttps://theamericanhouse.comashleyemail@comcast.netFiling complaint with FTCI have unsubscribed from your newsletter in excesss of 28 times over the last 6 months. I will be filing a claim with the FTC today. Please REMOVE me from ALL mailing lists. Your emails are unwanted. Peter Amatohttps://theamericanhouse.comamato4@comcast.netUnsubscribe UnsubyGerald Heathhttps://theamericanhouse.comgheath2@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Linda Cyrhttps://theamericanhouse.comLindabillings@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me immediately from all lists! It shouldn't take 5-10 days! Thanks lindabillings@comcast.netMichael Fryehttps://theamericanhouse.commmfrye19@comcast.nete-mailPlease stop sending me your e-mail, I cancel one and you have me go through a list of others, checking each one. PLEASE CANCEL ALL E-MAILS TO THIS LOCATION.Margaret O Martinhttps://theamericanhouse.commartinmarge@comcast.netUNSUBSRIBE FROM ALL!!!!!I never asked for these emails and do not want them!!!!JAMES EVANOCHKOhttps://theamericanhouse.comjme555@comcast.netunscubscribe meToo much useless mailDhttps://theamericanhouse.comdvalnmills@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe MeHershel Retuyahttps://theamericanhouse.comher_shel2000@yahoo.comPlease take my email off from your listI am receiving so many emails from you i dont need it right now! Please remove me from your listS OSTRYE[YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!][YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!]Sally Gondekhttps://theamericanhouse.comschpitz1@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me!!Kris Ibromhttps://theamericanhouse.comkdibrom@comcast.netRidiculous Ridiculous Mary Dailey https://theamericanhouse.commarydailey3@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Too many emailsShirley Rouxhttps://theamericanhouse.comsroux@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Ron Bretherickhttps://theamericanhouse.comronbretherick@comcast.netUnsubscribeThis subscriber has died.Jamhttps://theamericanhouse.comjamillah_w@yahoo.comHarassment I have unsubscribed from your emails about 10 times now over the past few months. I always select all of the brands listed, yet I’m still getting your emails. I will now report every email address from your emails to the fcc. Trisha Neelyhttps://theamericanhouse.comtrishaneely@comcast.netYour unsubscribe page, the last page, asks you to press the unsubscribe button but the button does not show on the page. This page is not needed anyway because I unsubscribed from all publications and hit the unsubscribe button.See aboveSheila Vauter https://theamericanhouse.comsavone07@comcast.netThe American HouseNot interested. Get too many emails Fred Salterhttps://theamericanhouse.comfredrock1@comcast.netEmail No more emails please DONE! and DONEhttps://theamericanhouse.comcitysaver94@comcast.netWhy am I still getting emails??If I dont stop receiving ALL emails from you I wil report you to the government as spam email. There are laws that require you to maintain and utilize an unsubscribe report monthly. I have requested this twice. STOP the emails now and DO NOT SELL my email information. I am recording all correspondence with this source.Edd Lancaster meI am tired of requesting every few days that you unsubscribe me from your emails, only to continue receiving them.Amanda Salisburyhttps://theamericanhouse.comMandie0223@comcast.netUnsubscribeThis is the 3rd time I have unsubscribed from all emails affiliated with this. Please refrain from sending any further emails Robert Englishhttps://theamericanhouse.comrobertenglish2010@comcast.netAdsI do not want any ads in my e mail. I have submitted the unsubscribe from all many times. Please take me off all lists Thank youJeff Frazzinihttps://theamericanhouse.comjdfrazzini@comcast.netEmailsStop sending me your fuckin emails I’m sick of you assholes! Fuck you suck my dick you mother fuckin interlopers! Fuck you lick the shit in asshole and eat it you ever lovin losersExigoushttps://theamericanhouse.comdbnelson@comcast.netLeave me alone Leave me alone!!!Timothy Brownhttps://theamericanhouse.combrown9420@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from ALL of you email lists. I didnt sign up for them. They are so annoying. Thank youNancy Piniohttps://theamericanhouse.comncowan6@comcast.netadvertisementsPlease unsubscribe me from all your sites Jason karinenhttps://theamericanhouse.comjasonkarinen@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease take me off all your lists. ThanksFrank Santos https://theamericanhouse.comFstubby@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Np interest in anything u r sellingI don't know how you got my name!https://theamericanhouse.comeverready2go@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnless I specifically subscribe to anyone, I dump their emails. Unsubscribe me, do not pass my name to anyone else. It's like getting stupid mail in the mail and you throw it away. Don't waste your time. Claire Hutchinsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comclaireh3210@comcast.netRequest unsubscribe Please unsubscribe!!Nancy https://theamericanhouse.comnjw908@comcast.netUnsubscribe I get too many emails that do not interest meB. Suarez https://theamericanhouse.comColombianapr@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meTaehsbwhttps://theamericanhouse.comTeshawn90@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me Robertahttps://theamericanhouse.comrau64@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too many emails. Not enough time to read. Nancy Gorman https://theamericanhouse.comngorman25@comcast.netUnsubscribeI don't have a house. Unsubscribe https://theamericanhouse.comhenryyoungyun@yahoo.comFuGot a 4 strokeE rodwellhttps://theamericanhouse.come.rodwell@yahoo.comUnsubscribe YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!jeanhttps://theamericanhouse.commb650@comcast.netunsubscribeI have unsubscribed from your lists for weeks. Yet every other day, I get a advertisement from you. UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ANY AND ALL OF YOUR FUCKING LISTS..............................................Pidgehttps://theamericanhouse.comwenright1013@comcast.netYour newsletters10 mistakes in decorating your home … when clicking on the link it opens to tons of miscellaneous stuff, maybe one of which matches the enticing title in your email. I don’t like scrolling thru pages of unrelated items… and I never get to the 10 items that I’m interested in.Jon Messbargerhttps://theamericanhouse.comjonmessbarger@ymail.comsubscription removalI want to be permanently removed from all lists. If I continue to be harassed after this notice, I will proceed with legal actionMike Silverman https://theamericanhouse.commikesilverman@ymail.comNever subscribed No problem. I just never subscribed.Bodile Streetenhttps://theamericanhouse.comb.streeten@yahoo.comComplaintPLEASE stop sending all these daily e-mails to me. I have unsubscribe numerous times to no avail. Diane Rhodeshttps://theamericanhouse.comtdianerhodes@comcast.netggggggPamhttps://theamericanhouse.comskitter0001@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI did not solicit these places and have no desire to receive info from themGloria Demershttps://theamericanhouse.comgloriademers@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from all To much mail Linda Tamanahahttps://theamericanhouse.comkaduka11@yahoo.comunsubscribe meNo more news please...Cynthia Dotsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comcgdotson2@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me TYLisa Myershttps://theamericanhouse.comlmyers226@comcast.netStop emailing your fucking shitI have "unsubscribed" several times. You are being reported to the Indiana Attorney General. Karen Storhttps://theamericanhouse.comkastor@comcast.netremove me from contact list!!!!!!!!!remove me from contact list!!!!!!!!! NOWPat Grruntoradhttps://theamericanhouse.comxpdg@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe meCarolehttps://theamericanhouse.comcarole55vt@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI get several emails a day not just from you but from everywhere. I need to clean out and get rid of ones I never really read.Thomashttps://theamericanhouse.comdthomas618@comcast.netE mailsStop sending me your stuff, We never subscribed so why are you continuing to send me garbage. I unsubscribe constantly and yet we still get this crap, Stop.Kenhttps://theamericanhouse.comkenhub1@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed no less than 20 times from toe harassing site. If there was an agency I could report you to I would in triplicate. I don’t mind sites trying but when you repeatedly unsubscribe?????Karen Washburnhttps://theamericanhouse.combaconwash@comcast.netEmailsUnscribe meDebbie Waldeckhttps://theamericanhouse.commwdw6928@aol.comUn subscribe meUn subscribe meDempsey Malonehttps://theamericanhouse.comDempsey78954@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Jhttps://theamericanhouse.comkirbybo@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBEI NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THIS CRAP. STOP SENDING IT!!!Henry Cadlehttps://theamericanhouse.comhenrygalen1@comcast.netStop Please remove me from all list immediatelyJill Sloanhttps://theamericanhouse.comjseiden@aol.comunsubscribe meI never subscribed to any of your sites. The first time you sent me an email, I filled out the unsubscribe form, but you obviously did not unsubscribe me. If I get any more emails from you, I will notify my state's AG and Consumer Affairs Department that you subscribed me without my permission and refuse to unsubscribe me. Jill Sloanhttps://theamericanhouse.comjseiden@aol.comunsubscribe meI never subscribed to any of your sites. The first time you sent me an email, I filled out the unsubscribe form, but you obviously did not unsubscribe me. If I get any more emails from you, I will notify my state's AG and Consumer Affairs Department that you subscribed me without my permission and refuse to unsubscribe me. Jackie Sweethttps://theamericanhouse.comalss6@aol.comUnsubscribeNever ask for emailsRose Dudleyhttps://theamericanhouse.comrealtorarose@aol.comyour info emailI would love to keep getting the emails because it appears that there may be helpful information....but you get a "blip" of an article and then there was no way to continue reading--only adsJamihttps://theamericanhouse.comjamikerr@comcast.netUnsubscribe !!!!!I have unsubscribed multiple times in the last 2 months and I continue to get these annoying emails. Please… unsubscribe me from all. I am not interested in any of your spam junk. Stop it. April Maranohttps://theamericanhouse.comaprilmarano@verizon.netI AM GETTING SLAMMED WITH UNWANTED ADS AND EMAILS FROM YOU!YOUR company is slamming me with unwanted ads. I keep filling out requests to unsubscribe to ALL the companies you represent. I am going to contact every agency and consumer advocacy group in this country and get your company to cease this, and I will also notify my social media friends to do the same. YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? Trust me it is not.Ruth Anne Fosterhttps://theamericanhouse.comfosterra10@aol.comunsubscribeI have tried, unsuccessfully, several times to unsubscribe from your emails. Please remove my address from ALL of the checked locations. I will be contacting the FTC if I receive another email.N Trumphttps://theamericanhouse.comn-trump1@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have submitted multiple requests to unsubscribe form all of your publications and yet, I keep getting them. Take my email off of all your publications and don't add it to any new ones.Lynnhttps://theamericanhouse.comlynniesuemc@comcast.netUnsubscribe.I keep unsubscribing from your message and the whole list but you keep sending messages with other companies. STOP emailing me. It's not right that you and your affiliate changes just change the origination email place. I no longer want to receive any of your or your affiliate emails!Susan Fettahttps://theamericanhouse.comsefetta@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from your listsPlease unsubscribe me from all lists on your site.Cheryl A Shivelyhttps://theamericanhouse.comcheryl.shively@comcast.netemailsplease stop sending me spamMhttps://theamericanhouse.comtlbro2@comcast.netUnsubscring I never signed up for these emails- I get upwards of 25 emails a day from all your partner associates, which is just ridiculous- please remove me- no one could keep up with all this stuff you send; it does exact opposite and makes me hate all these companies and not want to have anything to do with Kent D Wapnerhttps://theamericanhouse.comkwapner70@comcast.netUNSUSCRIBExxxxxRich https://theamericanhouse.comrkuntz46@comcast.netEmailsDon’t want anymoreKathy https://theamericanhouse.comjrandkathy@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me Dave Bowhallhttps://theamericanhouse.comdbowhall@twc.comUnsubscribe me from all emailUnsubscribe from all emailDave Bowhallhttps://theamericanhouse.comdbowhall@twc.comUnsubscribe me from all emailUnsubscribe from all emailRoxanna Andersonhttps://theamericanhouse.comroxanderson@comcast.netI have to unsubscribe from your ads and those of the company connected to you much too often.I just gave you my message in the box above. Carolynhttps://theamericanhouse.comcpstrohl@comcast.netUnwanted emails I only sign up for emails that relate to my interests. I do not appreciate having my email added to a long list of subjects without my approval. REMOVE ME. buffie https://theamericanhouse.combuffie@comcast.netEmailsI have repeatedly removed and unsubscribed from your website. Yet I continue to receive emails. I have reported you to the FTCKaren Thompsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comcurtkarenthompson@comcast.netno idea how I ever got on your e-mail list this should be illegalno idea how I ever got on your e-mail list this should be illegalcurt hirshfieldhttps://theamericanhouse.comchirshfield@comcast.netI HAVE UNSUBSCRIBED FOR THE LAST TIME TODAY, NOV 1 2022 7PM PST.REMOVE MY E-MAIL ADDRESS THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING !Joseph Wellingtonhttps://theamericanhouse.comeewdad2@comcast.netStop Sending EmailsEnough is enough. Stop sending me all emails. This is the second time I have requested this via the feedback form. For over three months, I have filled out the form and checked every box to have you stop sending me emails. I am reporting this to the Attorney Generals office. 25-40 emails a day is uncalled for.ellen Tangneyhttps://theamericanhouse.comeltangney@comcast.netunsubscribetoo many unwanted emailsEllen Halpinhttps://theamericanhouse.comelhalpin@comcast.netunsubscribetoo many unwanted emailsjSannihttps://theamericanhouse.comjsanni@comcast.netemailsall of the emails are loaded with ads and difficult to read because you have to keep going down and searching for the correct way to get to the next page. PLEASE DO NOT send me emails. PLEASE, TAKE ME OFF ALL YOUR LISTS.Marna Maranohttps://theamericanhouse.commarna1103@comcast.netPlease Stop!I have requested to be unsubscribed from your emails before and they keep coming. Please stop it. 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Please unsubscribe me from all!!! kkarmil@comcast.netAngie Araoshttps://theamericanhouse.comPeterangie5@comcast.netUnsubscribe in all advertisements Pls take off my email on your list!Lisa Fernandeshttps://theamericanhouse.comlisafern@comcast.netNoneNoneDale CASHhttps://theamericanhouse.comDALE.CASH@COMCAST.NETJUNK EMAILSTOP SENDING PLEASENancy L Aglerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnlagler@comcast.netSUBSCRIPTIONSPlease, lease remove me from ALL your mailings. I have filled out your unsubscribe forem MULTIPLE times and check every box off to get off your subscription list. This is ridiculous, I DO NOT WANT TO BE SUBSCRIBED FROM A N Y of your mailings. Get it unsubscribed. Margarethttps://theamericanhouse.commgelmer@charter.netBothersome emailsEmails that have an interesting lead, when clicking the link, there are multiple links to go from one page to the next just to get all the suggested information. If the info isn't contained in the initial link, I won't keep going. ANNOYING!! And not worth the time.Kathleen Rudolphhttps://theamericanhouse.como2actrudolph@yahoo.comunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me to all those sites.Liz Wilderhttps://theamericanhouse.comlatelizard@comcast.netunsubscribeHave unsubscribed several times over the last few months. Please do so Christine A Drenninghttps://theamericanhouse.comchrisd0112@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please Unsubscribe me Jane Jattusohttps://theamericanhouse.comjgjattuso@comcast.nettoo many emails!!I am a senior and not interested in these topics. Pls take my name off of your email listings. Thank you!Stevens Randallhttps://theamericanhouse.comerandallstevens@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed from all at least a dozen times and I still get ur emails. Thanks for the annoyance! gregory E Andersonhttps://theamericanhouse.comnaparealtor@comcast.netRemove me from any lists PLEASERemove me from ANY and ALL lists ...Thank Youjoy bolinghttps://theamericanhouse.comjoy.boling@comcast.netunsubscribeplease remove me from ALL your mailing listsThomas Ponshttps://theamericanhouse.comtaplegion@yahoo.comEmailI just became homeless... this email serves no purpose other then reminding me that Ive nowhere to live. Ed https://theamericanhouse.comjakejen02@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Leave me alone Jphttps://theamericanhouse.comunderboost@rocketmail.comReason unsubscribed Some good articles… a fucking ridiculous amount of click bait and garbage adds… so fucking many ads website almost crashes while loading….JLShttps://theamericanhouse.comjoe.stoddard@yahoo.comSTOP SENDING ME YOUR SPAM - ALL OF IT DEAR AMAZON.COM I have been patient but no more. REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS from your SPAM lists or I will pursue your company with every atty general in every state in the USA and every other country on the planet where you operate. Kathihttps://theamericanhouse.comkmmoff@comcast.netWhy I unsubscribedEmails filled with fraudulent stories and outright lies to mislead people about current and past democratic leaders, also trying to get people to donate money to Trump. Very underhanded and disgusting.C Whttps://theamericanhouse.comcwrzosek440@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Fred Rosettihttps://theamericanhouse.comfrosetti@comcast.netEmailsUnsubscribe me PLEASE! From ALL YOUR emails.Karen Taylor-Maeshttps://theamericanhouse.comkarentaylormaes@comcast.netYes unsubscribe Yes unsubscribe Eileenhttps://theamericanhouse.cometoughil@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBe ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gregory Marconihttps://theamericanhouse.comgmarconi1@socal.rr.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meRussell Masonhttps://theamericanhouse.comrussellmason1@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe meLois Paratore https://theamericanhouse.comloisparatore@yahoo.comAdvertisementsYour topics are so interesting but I have a hard time getting through the advertising and other interruptions and ultimately get lost and frustrated. I’m never able to completely get the information!Jayehttps://theamericanhouse.combaywoodstorage@gmail.comSite ReviewLove your topics but hate trying to get to the meat of them. It is so frustrating, I’m unsubscribing. Please don’t contact. karen wagnerhttps://theamericanhouse.comkarenwagner138@comcast.netunsubscripe meplease unsubscribe me from all future emails. thank youMeg Smithhttps://theamericanhouse.commelampie@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meSpam@yahoo.comhttps://theamericanhouse.comSpam@yahoo.comSpamSpamkatehttps://theamericanhouse.comkatejungwirth@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from ALL email categories and subcategories.Cory Heligmanhttps://theamericanhouse.comcoryheligman@yahoo.comUnsubscribe unsuccessful You have been directed many times to take me off the list. I still get these emails. Take me off immediately. Jennifer Gerloffhttps://theamericanhouse.comjennifer.gerloff@yahoo.comYES, UNSUBSCRIBE MEYES, UNSUBSCRIBE MEDavid and Diane Lipskihttps://theamericanhouse.comskizicsdcx@aol.comunwanted emailsunsubscribeHwa S Brockelhttps://theamericanhouse.comhsbrockel@comcast.netSpamI have requested you remove me from the spam you are sending me. I have used the unsubscribe at least 20 different times, but continue to get spam from your site. Remove me or I will report you to the authorities.DONALD R MACKAYhttps://theamericanhouse.comdonmackay1@verizon.netunsubscribeUnsubscribe me from ALL your EMailsDchttps://theamericanhouse.comdcronin8@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meCindy Spelmanhttps://theamericanhouse.comcinbobs@comcast.netunsubscribe metake me off your list!!!Betty Vetterhttps://theamericanhouse.combav1954@comcast.netunsubscribeTake me off your listWally McCallumhttps://theamericanhouse.comwallymccLlum@comcast.netAll topicsI do not have time to read All of the topics you send!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want ANY of them. I have asked numerous times to be taken off the list. PLEASE stop sending me anything!!!!!!!Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.comthemaericanhouse + ezoic.Hey - it's really impressive to see what you've done with this site. I noticed you are currently using static ad placements on your site - where each visitor is shown the same ad layout. Have you considered how that is affecting your revenue and user experience? Imagine if you could earn upwards of 50% more revenue while serving fewer ads and improving user experience through smarter ad placements. Would you like to see how that's possible?Laurenhttps://theamericanhouse.comsklar1158@comcast.netYes, unsubscribe meUnsubscribe mePhilip Muladorehttps://theamericanhouse.com1964ka2@comcast.netNOT INTERESTEDToo many emails....didn't ask for...not .. Don't wan't!! John Doehttps://theamericanhouse.commclay506@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Memargehttps://theamericanhouse.commlabreck@comcast.netcomplaintsI have tried to unsubscribe many times, but still receive your emails. I never ask for your info - please stop sending them to me.Candyhttps://theamericanhouse.comcandymckinnon@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe meCandyhttps://theamericanhouse.comcandymckinnon@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe meJohn Hall https://theamericanhouse.comjorodnreel@aol.comAny and all subjects Would like to be able to pick my own subjects, and only when I want them! Karenhttps://theamericanhouse.comkhmerri@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meKIm hudsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comkimhud@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe yesRobert Wimbishhttps://theamericanhouse.combert_38852@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I never asked for any emails from this group of telemarketers and I shouldn't have to unsubscribe 12 to 15 times per week. Please delete my email address from all your lists. Robert Wimbishhttps://theamericanhouse.combert_38852@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I never asked for any emails from this group of telemarketers and I shouldn't have to unsubscribe 12 to 15 times per week. Please delete my email address from all your lists. Mark Merwin https://theamericanhouse.commerwin15311@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Jack Meoffhttps://theamericanhouse.comrasla@comcast.netNewsletter I never subscribed to this shit in the first place Piss offLinda Brinsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comkarldragonfly@aol.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all emails.steven rekedalhttps://theamericanhouse.comsteverekedal@comcast.netCancelcancelGerry Gosshttps://theamericanhouse.comgerrygoss@comcast.netCommentsReceive too many unsolicited offers.CKhttps://theamericanhouse.comvictimofleisure@yahoo.comUnsubscribe ALLUnsubscribe ALLMatt Davieshttps://theamericanhouse.commdavies007@comcast.netUnsubscribe Yes, unsubscribe mePenelope https://theamericanhouse.combtrautwein39@comcast.netNewsletter Please unsubscribe me from all Matilda Kanagaki https://theamericanhouse.commousekanagaki@yahoo.comDifficulty finding contentI am unsubscribing because I can't even find the topic beyond one or two paragraphs. Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.comtheamericanhouse + ezoicAny thoughts on the last message I sent through your contact form? Let me know if so 😁ginnyhttps://theamericanhouse.comginnyan@comcast.netCANT UNSUBSCRIBEPLEASE TAKE ME OFF ALL YOUR EMAIL LISTS I KEEP UNSUSCRIBING AND ITS NOT WORKING! THANK YOUSherry Gibbshttps://theamericanhouse.comsteve-sherry@comcast.netUNSCRIBEPLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL YOUR COMPANIES FOR THIS EMAIL. i HAVE ANOTHER ADDRESS AND RECEIVE THIS SAME MAIL. I AM TRYING TO SAVE THIS ADDRESS FOR MEDICAL ISSUES FOR MY PARENTS.lhttps://theamericanhouse.comeaglebeach@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeKrissy Hullhttps://theamericanhouse.comhullshome@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribeRhodenna Arnhttps://theamericanhouse.commdrn5860@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meRichard Varner https://theamericanhouse.comrv21958@yahoo.comSpamI don't need all these unsolicited emails Stevhttps://theamericanhouse.comssmccorp@aol.comPleasePlease make sure I am removed from all lists and unsubscibed. ThanksSusan Ramoshttps://theamericanhouse.comsueramos714@yahoo.comunsubscribe PLEASE STOP SENDING ADVERTISING, NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE! THANK YOU! https://theamericanhouse.comtslazlo@aol.comDelete pagesTake offStevehttps://theamericanhouse.comstevemacfla@comcast.netEmailsSTOP Emaiing me !!!Mikehttps://theamericanhouse.commikecock@yourmomshouse.comGarbage can emailsNo one wants to read your garbage ass click bait emails, why don't you all find a job that actually benefits society, because right now you are the same scum that tries to sell extended auto warranties. Dale Braashttps://theamericanhouse.comdalebraas@gmail.comUnsubscribeHow many times must I hit unsubscribe to get you to stop sending me you stuff?Margery Fejeshttps://theamericanhouse.commafejes07@comcast.netUnsolicited emails I find numerous unfrequented emails daily that fill my mailbox using time and energy!Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.comtheamericanhouse + ezoicHey, I’m checking to see if you received my last emails and had a chance to think things over. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to learn more. Nathan Vickie Griffithhttps://theamericanhouse.comgriffith.vickie@ymail.comUnsubscribeStop! Never asked for you and don’t want your email’s Samuel Fitzpatrickhttps://theamericanhouse.comthesamuelf@yahoo.comStop spammingI never asked for this crap. Stop. Sylvia Ewerthttps://theamericanhouse.comsylviaewert@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe!JJ Haaghttps://theamericanhouse.comutmomjjh@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE me from all emails and newsletters Do not need these emails! Thanks!Carol Wolfehttps://theamericanhouse.comseejarn@aol.comunsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from ALL of your lists.Kandice https://theamericanhouse.comlaspower@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI don't know how you got my email but your stuff doesn't say anything and there's too many adsKandice https://theamericanhouse.comlaspower@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI don't know how you got my email but your stuff doesn't say anything and there's too many adsLinda https://theamericanhouse.comlinnypoop@aol.comNot interested. UNSUBSCRIBE meHeadline attention grabbers. Then can't read the article for all the ads. You are Gone.Maire Petershttps://theamericanhouse.commnicp2@cs.comFor at of Activities DirectorI am a retired international Journalist and publicist who has met "everyone" and now so speaking events on any topic but mostly on all things Irish. Liked most is my pulling random surnames from Waterford Crystal bowl and discussing that surname. I would love to be hired for my one hour talk by you. 239 775 2516 landlineLShttps://theamericanhouse.comshulbabe@aol.comunsubscribeNot interested in any of this. UnsubscribeJohn Ganoehttps://theamericanhouse.comjohnganoe301@comcast.netUnsubscribeYour content is good but very limited and essentially a vehicle for advertising. I just don't to push through that volume of advertising to read a few paragraphs of content. I understand the business model; I just want to engage with it. Thomas M Willishttps://theamericanhouse.comtmwillis1@verizon.netUnsubscribeYes, unsubscribe me.Ed Castleberryhttps://theamericanhouse.combxecastle@comcast.netDon't want your e-mailPlease unsubscribe meWilliamhttps://theamericanhouse.comwpbrandt@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERY SOURCE THAT YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH.Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.comthe american house with ezoicHi there - I noticed that you haven’t replied yet to my past emails, so I thought you might appreciate this 60-second video that explains how Ezoic maximizes ad earnings for every website: Do you see how this would help with the growth of your site? timothy sandershttps://theamericanhouse.comtjstjs@comcast.netunsubscribeI dont need these emailsLisa Mayerhttps://theamericanhouse.comblmayer95@aol.comUnsubscribe I did not subscribe to your emails and do not appreciate being subscribed without my permission. Janicehttps://theamericanhouse.comjlcameli2002@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI do not want to receive any more infoDeehttps://theamericanhouse.comduranduranx2@comast.netUnsubscribe Take me off this pleaseMike Lemberghttps://theamericanhouse.comm.lemberg@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too much informationchubmanhttps://theamericanhouse.comchubman1954@comcast.netunsubscribedidn't request your correspondenceNathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.comthe american house in 2023Hi, Just following up again. I have a few pieces of information that better explains our technology, could you provide me with an email to send it to? Please unsubscribe from every unsolicited that you can I keep try to stop all of these as I have inoperable terminal Cholangiocarcinoma and I don’t wish to be bothered by the world’ unsolvable problems I have enough of my own!https://theamericanhouse.comroysollenberger@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from everything that you are capable of PLEASE I have repeatedly attempted to respond to respond to this message but I keep getting a message that says my e-mail address is not vaiEsther Hollowayhttps://theamericanhouse.comestherholloway745@comcast.netunsubscribeI cannot handle so many emailsNancy J Cumminghttps://theamericanhouse.comnjcumming@comcast.netemailsunsubscribe me completely.Susanhttps://theamericanhouse.comsusanatownsend@comcast.netUnsubscibeUnsubscribeKaren Shefner https://theamericanhouse.comkarenshefner60@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me; I did not ask to get these emails. Cheryl https://theamericanhouse.comcgrazios@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE Please remove me from your email list. David Lisowskihttps://theamericanhouse.comdjmms@comcast.netnewsletterNO MORE OF ANYTHING THANK YOUMhttps://theamericanhouse.commyles46@ymail.comUnsubscribe Please remove me email address from all your adds. I have requested this many times and still receiving emails from you. Tom Panskyhttps://theamericanhouse.compansky@comcast.netplease stop harassmentyour marketing emails are not welcomeDeryckhttps://theamericanhouse.comderyck23@yahoo.comAmerican House too "Imperialist" and insular and ignores rest of world as though no one else had your issues?American House too "Imperialist" and insular and ignores rest of world as though no one else had your issues likes etc?Lynn T Wood https://theamericanhouse.comlynn.wood38@comcast.netThe American House UnsubsribeJudyhttps://theamericanhouse.comjudyform@comcast.netunsubscribe meI never subscribed to your emails and get too many as it is. Please unsubscribe me! Thanks--Sheryl Kelshhttps://theamericanhouse.comskelsh2@comcast.netPissed off at spammers like youI would NEVER EVER do business with your company. Susanhttps://theamericanhouse.comdjpogreba@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe the email address from everything Sallie Eggershttps://theamericanhouse.comsaleggers@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me! Thanks Carole Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comc.walker85@comcast.netUnsoliticted emailsCurrent health issues make it impossible to continue receiving unsolicited sites.Jim Broomellhttps://theamericanhouse.comjbroomell@comcast.netmy complaint is going to my sentorI have unsubscribed MULTIPLE times and have maintained screenshots of dates I've done this. I am writing to my Senator as you are violating many laws and invading my privacy.Elizabeth Turnerhttps://theamericanhouse.comegturner168@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscibeJenny wrighthttps://theamericanhouse.comjennywright@comcast.netWhy are you sending me any emailI never signed up for any of your emails. I do not want to be sent any from any next batch you pull together. I do not want you to sell or give away my info. Please delete all my info as specified in the California law. Deb Wildinghttps://theamericanhouse.comcheesedawg@comcast.netNo article to readWas really interested to see the 9 mistakes to avoid in decorating the home. Could never get to the article. Just mass advertising and no article to read.Felice m. Please UNSUBSCRIBE me from ALL. I did not subscribe to your emails or emails from your partners. Sorry but thank you. None of your damn business https://theamericanhouse.comacctow@comcast.netStop sending your BSWhy are you sending me unsolicited emails. I’m not interested in your crap. I am, however, on social media explaining to others how short you areRobert Bethuremhttps://theamericanhouse.comrbethurem@comcast.netunsubscribe meNever asked for them and they are annoying!Michael https://theamericanhouse.commajohn@comcast.netUnsubscribe Not interested, sorry.Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.comtheamericanhouse in 2023I wanted to confirm that this is the best way to contact you regarding advertisements. Would you like to discuss how Ezoic’s technology can add value to your site? Jenny Hhttps://theamericanhouse.comjenny58@comcast.netUnsubscriptionUnsubscribemelissa https://theamericanhouse.commissy.russ@comcast.netunsolicited emailsDon't want themlaurence dubroffhttps://theamericanhouse.comgreaser409@yahoo.comemails stop send me your fucken spam emails! i never signed up for them and i keep unsubscribing yet there they fucken are!! fucken assholesClifford Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comcmwalker8@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNo commentLisa Butzerhttps://theamericanhouse.comlbutzer@comcast.netspam emailI just unsubscribed from yet ANOTHER chain of emails to which I never subscribed in the first place. What a waste of my time to have to click links and click on another 2 dozen places I do not want emails from because I NEVER asked for them in the first place.Roberge Lauriehttps://theamericanhouse.comroberge72@comcast.netUnsubscribe Thankyou Unsubscribe from all emailsAlexhttps://theamericanhouse.comalex_quijas@yahoo.comUnsubscribing from all platform newslettersYour emails are spamming my inbox which I never signed up for. Mshttps://theamericanhouse.commsimsrp@aol.comSpamI have previously requedted to not receive your sht spam. PERMANENTLY remove me from your phishing programs.Deannehttps://theamericanhouse.comdhamino@charter.netUnsubscribeI am 81 and have Alzheimer's James Jollyhttps://theamericanhouse.comjim.jolly67@yahoo.comSpamI don’t appreciate spam. Not sure how I unwittingly stumbled into your con game, but rest assured I won’t buy any product you email me about.No more emailshttps://theamericanhouse.comamartinez2097@comcast.netNo more emaiksNo more emails!!Loriann Chausseehttps://theamericanhouse.comloriannchaussee@comcast.netYes unsubscribe me from allYes unsubscribe meMhttps://theamericanhouse.comjesfb@yahoo.comUnsuscribe Unsuscribe Darrenhttps://theamericanhouse.comdeejay965@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.complanning for 2023If you’re wondering why my team continues to contact you, it’s because your site would be perfect on our platform. We’re confident you could be earning more and benefitting from a more specialized approach to your users. I’m hoping we can get you set up on Ezoic’s platform shortly! C Pulfreyhttps://theamericanhouse.comchuckpulfrey@comcast.netunsubscribe mestop sending emailJoyce Mowderhttps://theamericanhouse.comjmowder4@comcast.netUnsubscribe meYes unsubscribe me Linda Mullenhttps://theamericanhouse.commullen520@comcast.netYes Unsubscribe meYes unsubscribe meLucashttps://theamericanhouse.comM.LUCAS04@COMCAST.NETSTOP EMAILS NOWDO NOT SEND ME ANYMORE EMAILS !!!!!Monika Besanconhttps://theamericanhouse.commonikabesancon@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEPlease for the love of God STOP sending me all these emails! I have unsubscribed over and over and yet your relentless pursuit continues. I will NEVER order anything as a result of your emails. PLEASE JUST STOP.Susanhttps://theamericanhouse.comsusanr90@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from everything.Debbie Kepnerhttps://theamericanhouse.comkepnerds@comcast.netToo many emailsPlease remove our email address from ALL of your subscriptions. We did not solicit any of them and they are a nuisance!Paula Garciahttps://theamericanhouse.complacr3@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEI never asked to subscribe to these emails.Kimhttps://theamericanhouse.comksjanel@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Marillynhttps://theamericanhouse.comlynschartow6015@comcast.netUnsubscribe Do not want emails from you Jim Meltonhttps://theamericanhouse.comjimmelton52@yahoo.comremovalPlease remove from all future emails immediately.Dorsie Stivershttps://theamericanhouse.comdcstivers@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from allDonald Trumphttps://theamericanhouse.comljraw@comcast.netUnsubscribeNever subscribed and don't wantJoliehttps://theamericanhouse.comkjolie@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from all of your lists and do NOT restart sending me emails 2 months later. Remove me permanently. I am tired of having to go through this multiple times every year. Eileen Fallonhttps://theamericanhouse.comfallonbooks@aol.comUnsubscribingI am unsubscribing because, first of all, I don't recall ever subscribing to The American House, and, second, because I get too many ad/promotional emails that get in the way of personal emails. Too much email clutter. Thank you.Carolyn Wisemanhttps://theamericanhouse.comcwiseman02@comcast.netAmerican HouseNot interested.David Freedhttps://theamericanhouse.comdsfbird@verizon.netToo many emails, in generalYours being one, please unsubscribe me from all your mailing lists. Thank you & happy holidays Mhttps://theamericanhouse.commmcaffee@yahoo.comNo emailsTe, you have sent me solicitations. Do not contact in any way, and, do not trade, share or exchange my informationGloria E Gomezhttps://theamericanhouse.comgloriaegomez@aol.comunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me!Frankhttps://theamericanhouse.comfbk0301@comcast.netAd EmailsI have constantly unsubscribed my email. STOP sending me email ads!!!Delores Simpsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comboilerpj@aol.comSeeing the print on this emailI can't read these that I didn't check. They are either too light or too small, so I don't know whether I want to keep them or not. Rather ridiculous to put something out that a lot of us can't even read.Dhigginshttps://theamericanhouse.comhigginsdiane1@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meSTBhttps://theamericanhouse.comsterrybazer@yahoo.comAdsYour web site has so many ads, its impossible to find the thread that leads to the information in the headline!Carol Knobbehttps://theamericanhouse.comcknobbe@comcast.netUnsubscribe feedback Please unsubscribe me from all of your lists. sebastianhttps://theamericanhouse.comsamjr@comcast.netcancelto much mailLake hub https://theamericanhouse.comjlthomas7@comcast.netUnsubscribe Do not continue to send me emails from any if your sites. 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TimBetty Ganderhttps://theamericanhouse.comsbgander@twc.comStop your emails to mePlease stop ROBERT DEPAUWhttps://theamericanhouse.comBOBBYDEP4@COMCAST.NETIntrusive, time consuming and just plain rottenI am so God Dame\n sick and tired of every morning having to clear my e mail INBOX of unwanted and unsolicited e mails. You take up space on my storage capacity. You waste my time and you totally piss me off. You are equal or lower life than the rude and never ending spam callers I get every day. I mean every day and I mean 10-12 time a day. In summation, leave me the fuck alone.Jhttps://theamericanhouse.comdickens1@triad.rr.comToo much junkToo many emails pollute my inboxLaurainehttps://theamericanhouse.comllindbl822@aol.comUnsubscribe First signed up for any of these emailsTavenner Bonsallhttps://theamericanhouse.comtavenneranne@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me from all communication. Thank youCandice Freedmanhttps://theamericanhouse.comcandicefreedman@comcast.netSpamI have been unsubscribing from your emails all year + yet, like weeds they keep coming back. My next step will be to contact the BBB as well as the FTC. Remove my address from all email communications effective immediately. Mike Shttps://theamericanhouse.comTkdmastersantoro@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me asapSandy Harkeyhttps://theamericanhouse.comsandiharkey@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from all emailMarkhttps://theamericanhouse.comthegrooveshackmusic10@yahoo.comRemove my email I wish to removed from all of your emails.Basil Woodardhttps://theamericanhouse.comwoodardbasil@yahoo.comRemoval from mailing listNot interested in any of these sitesSandihttps://theamericanhouse.comsandi20023@yahoo.comRemoveI dont know why I get several of the different subject emails u have listed in the unsubscribe list but I do. I did not sign up for them, have never been to any of the sites. I do not open them except lately to un subscribe..I get rid of one then another turns up. Take my email out of your data base and stop sending me things I do not wantKyndra Tidwell https://theamericanhouse.comklm1975@comcast.netMy moneyYour business tried to withdraw $67.32 from my bank account today, 01-01/23…why? I did not knowingly sign up for any monthly thing with your company. If somehow I am signed up I want it canceled immediately. Please call me at 850-843-2397Ruth Fraccolahttps://theamericanhouse.comchiefjoy73@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from this mailing listRandy Smithhttps://theamericanhouse.comlittlemaynard@comcast.netUnsubscribe I never signed up to receive your email. Please take me off your list. Thank you. Xxxhttps://theamericanhouse.combeeler.pat@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from allJanethttps://theamericanhouse.combroadway2421@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEUNSUBSCRIBE ME !!!!! I’ve tried to unsubscribe but I keep getting many emails. UNSUBSCRIBE ME !!!!!Brianhttps://theamericanhouse.combutcher.brian@comcast.netStop sending me spam!I keep unsubscribing from your lists, but you keep sending me ads. Who is selling you my address?Chris Shttps://theamericanhouse.comtoxic247@comcast.netNo more Please stop sending me emails Unsubscribe mehttps://theamericanhouse.comUnsubscribeme@Unsubscribeme.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meMary Kophttps://theamericanhouse.comkopischke10@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all Myriahhttps://theamericanhouse.commyriahdc@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Way too much junk mail please take me off of thisLynn R O'Flahertyhttps://theamericanhouse.comlynnoflaherty@comcast.netunsubcribedsfsfCarolehttps://theamericanhouse.comcaroleorseno@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I wish to unsubscribe Steven hougakhttps://theamericanhouse.comsteve.hougak@comcast.netRemove me from your email list please !!!I didn't request emails from you, please take me off your list or I will seek legal action !!!Kathleen Sartenhttps://theamericanhouse.comkathysarten@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeBarbara Ellen Vallieuhttps://theamericanhouse.comvallieukb@comcast.nettoo much junk in the inboxplease remove me from this serviceKrishttps://theamericanhouse.comKLHAN714@aol.comUnsubscribe me from your emails.Unsubscribe me from your emails.Nonyahttps://theamericanhouse.comChantacloudy13@comcast.netSTopI don't know where you got my email address from but I have u subscribed twice. This time I took a screen shot and if I see u in my emails again, I will seek legal counsel. Thank youPaulinehttps://theamericanhouse.compauline909@comcast.netPlease stop sending me emailsI didn't sign up for any of your content.Annemarie Souzahttps://theamericanhouse.comsouza5929@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meTroy Ghttps://theamericanhouse.comtroymen@comcast.netRemove mePlease remove me from your distribution listCharles Filsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comscottishrover@comcast.netUnwanted mail I did not ask you to send me any emails, so I’ve unsubscribed from the one you have sent. Please don’t send any more David Thatcherhttps://theamericanhouse.comdavethatcher@comcast.netSTOP!Leave me alone! Period. Stop motherfuckers, you are evil. Seriously. I am coming to your home. You bastards. Nathan Walkerhttps://theamericanhouse.comnwalker@ezoic.complanning in 2023Reviewing publisher relationships is part of my monthly to-dos, which is why I came across your site again today. Are you interested in learning more about how you can maximizing earnings using Ezoic’s website optimization platform? Simply reply with the corresponding response that best represents where you’re at and I’ll follow up accordingly. I’m still interested, let’s chat I’m busy at the moment, check back in a few months I will be in touch when I have more time to look into Ezoic Stop messaging me, I’m not interested Looking forward to hearing from you before the end of this week. Anya I Zibelnikhttps://theamericanhouse.comm02139@comcast.netDELETE ME FROM YOUR DATABASEDELETE ME FROM YOUR DATABASE I have programmed your emails to go to spamLawrence Whitehttps://theamericanhouse.comlrjnwhite@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM EVERYTHINGI opened one of your emails only to see anti Biden ads everywhere. If you want to be political run for office. Don't send me Republican BS ads.Debra A Van Arsdalehttps://theamericanhouse.comvanarsda3@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ANY AND ALL OF THE UNWANTED PIECESIMMEDIATELY STOP STOP STOP ALL of your unwanted literature, offerings and pieces of information PLEASE!!!! This is now the 3rd time I have asked AND deleted your readings or advertisements. I will report this to Google!Debra A Van Arsdalehttps://theamericanhouse.comvanarsda3@comcast.netComplaining in to Amazon Here is my second reply for you to STOP ALL correspondence to my email above from ALL of your publications I checked as NOT WANTED. I will put in a major complaint to AMAZON and GOOGLE about your harassment to not stop. David Basedowhttps://theamericanhouse.combasedow2@comcast.netUnauthorized use of my email address I never subscribed to your company’s newsletter or anything related to your company. You should not have my address. I will never use your company for anything. This is unethical, unacceptable and disgraceful Marsha https://theamericanhouse.comballardred1@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe, no interest, repetitiveLisahttps://theamericanhouse.comlittlezab@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from ALL of your emailsSteve Tannenbaumhttps://theamericanhouse.comswtannenbaum@comcast.netUnsubcribePlease unsubscribe me from allMary Kearney https://theamericanhouse.comsdkearney@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from allRhondahttps://theamericanhouse.comrasmurm@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from everything. Robin A. Wilkinshttps://theamericanhouse.comrawchef56@yahoo.comRight wing advertising I will never use any service of any of your advertisers due to your horrible pushing of jerk Republicans and facist assholes. Fuck you Randel W Coopriderhttps://theamericanhouse.comvernalpike@comcast.netunsubscribeDidn't sign up for any of these mailings.Ellihttps://theamericanhouse.comjellen30@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please… unsubscribe me ASAP Susan Rinnhttps://theamericanhouse.comsmrinn@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe meMelissahttps://theamericanhouse.comMdcram@yahoo.comShadyYour business would probably get more traction if you didn't advertise by email blast using shady eMarketing distributors. Look into Can Spam laws to learn about CONSENT - a thing I never gave you. Opt-in is a right in this digital age.cfhttps://theamericanhouse.comjeray31@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE !!!!!!!!!!Your unsubscribe link is NOT WORKINGJeff https://theamericanhouse.comjbsprow@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from everything! To much, to oftenRebeccahttps://theamericanhouse.comfierybutterflywings@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe me from all. Thank you. Willihttps://theamericanhouse.comwhaspartan76@yahoo.comStopNunyaCarol Ann Murphyhttps://theamericanhouse.comcamoakland@comcast.netAddI couldn’t read the content because the ads got in the way and were annoying.Bobby Englehttps://theamericanhouse.comengle.bobby@yahoo.comFuck offFuck youGeorge Cipolla Jr.https://theamericanhouse.comgeorgecipolla@yahoo.comUnsubsidized STOPSavarthttps://theamericanhouse.comsavart@comcast.netToo many emailsUnsubscribe me from every newsletter your agency produces please.Jennifer Schumacherhttps://theamericanhouse.combrentjennifer@yahoo.comSource?I have no clear source for how you got my email and why I’ve started receiving it. Future emails will be marked as spam. This is my second request to be removed from all lists. Lowell Mayshttps://theamericanhouse.comlmays@charter.netUnsubscribeToo many emailsKarla Mullhttps://theamericanhouse.comkmull1082@comcast.netStop sending emails UnsubscribeDiane Cahallhttps://theamericanhouse.comdianepcahall@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Yhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!!! Stop sent me all theses emails! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending me all this crap! Please stop!!!!!!! 🤯😡Yhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!!! Stop sent me all theses emails! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending me all this crap! Please stop!!!!!!! 🤯😡Yhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!!! Stop sent me all theses emails! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending me all this crap! Please stop!!!!!!! 🤯😡Yhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!!! Stop sent me all theses emails! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending me all this crap! Please stop!!!!!!! 🤯😡Hope Nicholsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!! Stop sending me all these emails!!! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending sending them!!! Please stop!!! Not interested and won’t be!!! STOP!!!!’Hope Nicholsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!! Stop sending me all these emails!!! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending sending them!!! Please stop!!! Not interested and won’t be!!! STOP!!!!’Hope Nicholsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comespie3@comcast.netEmails!!! Stop sending me all these emails!!! I keep unsubscribing and you just keep sending sending them!!! Please stop!!! Not interested and won’t be!!! STOP!!!!’Peter Vancehttps://theamericanhouse.competevanc@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me!Michael Macraehttps://theamericanhouse.comChukachukakid@comcast.netunsubcribeplease remove me from your list. i'm not interested in your productsMoore Tony Mhttps://theamericanhouse.comtm0711@comcast.netUnscribePls Unscribe Jeff https://theamericanhouse.comjdickens55@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have tried numerous times to unsubscribe from these emails. Please stop sending them to me. Doug https://theamericanhouse.comjdchome@comcast.netStop emailStop all emailsKarenhttps://theamericanhouse.comkferriwri@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePlease taje me off your list. Unsubscribe please.Karen https://theamericanhouse.comkferrieri@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeFOSTINA Louise DIXON-KILGOEhttps://theamericanhouse.comfossiebear@comcast.netStop the emailsStop all your emailsMatt Sessahttps://theamericanhouse.commecca42017@comcast.netEmailsYes unsubscribe meTerry Taiseyhttps://theamericanhouse.comt.taisey@comcast.netAmerican houseI average over 105 emails every day approximately 103 of them are nothing but iPads, it’s gotten to the point I do not use email only when necessary I use text or other means of communication.Sally Zylstrahttps://theamericanhouse.comdrmomzylstra@comcast.netToo muchWay too many emailsAlexhttps://theamericanhouse.comperrysparadise@comcast.netUnsubscribe You make it too hard to unsubscribe from all these sites I am not interested in. If I keep getting this spam I will report you. Alexhttps://theamericanhouse.comperrysparadise@comcast.netUnsubscribe You make it too hard to unsubscribe from all these sites I am not interested in. If I keep getting this spam I will report you. Cynthia Singerhttps://theamericanhouse.comsyndie1616@comcast.netWhy?I no longer want to receive these emails I get so many in my inbox and I have no idea why please unsubscribe me thank you.Barry Coopersteinhttps://theamericanhouse.combcooperstein@comcast.netunsubscriberemove me from all e-mailsBarry Coopersteinhttps://theamericanhouse.combcooperstein@comcast.netunsubscriberemove me from all e-mailsRichard Prestonhttps://theamericanhouse.comDataUK@yahoo.comUnsubscribingI have never subscribed to any of these newsletters or whatever, and wold therefore like to be removed from all your contact databases.Mary Bethhttps://theamericanhouse.commbssoskin@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEIt’s been over ten days. UNSUBSCRIBE ME IMMEDIATELY. Thank youAndy https://theamericanhouse.comacfoster76@yahoo.comUnsubscribing I’m not wasting my time clicking “Next” to read articles. Pat picardhttps://theamericanhouse.compatpicard1@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me!!Unsubscribe me!!James Kobylarski https://theamericanhouse.comkobyftl@yahoo.comUnsubscribeJust wondering why I need to take the time to un-subscribe from a mailing list in which I never subscribed too or shown any interest in.Jimhttps://theamericanhouse.commacraej@comcast.netUnsubscribe all listsNot interested in any of your messages. I dislike your spam. All of it. Thank-youDavid Tuckerhttps://theamericanhouse.comlee_tucker1@frontier.comUnsubscribe meAs in titleAddrienne https://theamericanhouse.comadgewick@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed “successfully several times form the emails above and the list below. I am still getting emails, please temove my email. Thank youAddrienne https://theamericanhouse.comadgewick@comcast.netUnsubscribe I have unsubscribed “successfully several times form the emails above and the list below. I am still getting emails, please temove my email. Thank youJohn doehttps://theamericanhouse.comenosyoder23@yahoo.comJust to muchPlease no more emails. I never read them and it takes up so much space. Thank you very much for stopping. Have a blessed day.Donna Nicole Kimblehttps://theamericanhouse.comdkimble0206@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meRichardhttps://theamericanhouse.comeyman@comcast.comcancelldo not want this e mail it is junk!Janice Milsteinhttps://theamericanhouse.comjanmilstein@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERYTHING ASAPUNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERYTHING ASAPjanice milsteinhttps://theamericanhouse.comjanmill16@gmail.comUNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERYTHING ASAPUNSUBSCRIBE FROM EVERYTHING ASAPTed Foxhttps://theamericanhouse.comTedf44901@aol.comUnsuscribeDidn't ask.. Don't wantCara stileshttps://theamericanhouse.comcara_stiles@comcast.netHarrassmentI get constant emails from you, often once a day. It is to the point that it is harrassment. I don’t want them, didn’t ask for them, and if they don’t stop I will report you to the FCC for harrassment. STOP! CaraThis is unlawful. You're not allowing me to unsubscribehttps://theamericanhouse.comfixer44@comcast.netUnsubscribe meI don't have to give you my personal information just to unsubscribe. By law you are required to unsubscribe my email address at my request. That e-address is fixer44@comcast.netMelanie https://theamericanhouse.commlkern2012@yahoo.comfeedback you requested Nobody wants to read articles if they have to keep clicking "NEXT" to get to the next page instead of being able to scroll down through the articles . It's annoying. Please unsubscribe me from everything and remove me from all mailing lists. Anton Dvorakhttps://theamericanhouse.comtubazar@charter.netUnsubscribe I get too many emails.Michael Parkerhttps://theamericanhouse.commstparker@charter.netYour spamI never signed up for your damn emails so stick them up your assJean K Yeastinghttps://theamericanhouse.comJeanYeasting@comcast.netunsubsribeunsubscribe meGlenn Rosshttps://theamericanhouse.comgwross@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Charlene Demershttps://theamericanhouse.comcdemersrn@cfl.rr.comstopStop sending me unsolicited emails!Charlotte https://theamericanhouse.comCharnetto@comcast.netUnsubscribe Thank you but I don’t have time to read these emails. I prefer Gospel messages Thank Please unsubscribe me from ALL of your emailes.Kathy Molinhttps://theamericanhouse.commolin1@comcast.netUnsubsribeUnsubscribeWendy Adamczykhttps://theamericanhouse.comwcadamczyk@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe from all emailsTom https://theamericanhouse.comTmollen762@comcast.netUnwanted emails I would prefer having the option to subscribe than you automatically putting me on your list without my permission. April https://theamericanhouse.comlovin2behome@aol.comEmail I don’t want anymore emails. I have way too many emails in my inbox for advertising. It’s frustrating when I open my email and 90% of it is junk advertisement. Cara stileshttps://theamericanhouse.comcara_stiles@comcast.netHarassment I get at least 1 email from American house daily. I have never signed up for any of this. Either get me off all this email bombardment or I will report you to FCC for harassment. barbara bellantonihttps://theamericanhouse.combellantoni@comcast.netemail garbageI never subscribed to these emails and I certainly dont want to receive them...stop sending this junk... Sharon swainhttps://theamericanhouse.comsrswwain@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Susan Kotowskihttps://theamericanhouse.comsusanc50@comcast.netEmail sWill you please get me off your list. I can’t stand it anymore. Thank you Jodihttps://theamericanhouse.comjodiho2@comcast.netUnsubscribeYes, please unsubscribe me!Hulon Barfieldhttps://theamericanhouse.comhulon.barfield@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeLaurelhttps://theamericanhouse.comlaurelberesford@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseUnsubscribeJohnhttps://theamericanhouse.comgrigsby2@comcast.netStopStop sending emailsRobert (Bob) Murrayhttps://theamericanhouse.comgunboat201@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeRev. Dennis M. Wargo, M.Div.https://theamericanhouse.comyourweddingofficiant@comcast.netUnsubscribeI never subscribed!Stuart Goodmanhttps://theamericanhouse.comgoodmanent@comcast.netA Crafty EscapeI did not sign up for any of your emails.Charles Langhttps://theamericanhouse.comchaslangc@comcast.netALLUnsubscribe ME from all!Kathleen kramerhttps://theamericanhouse.comk6kramer@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo many emails!!Jeanhttps://theamericanhouse.comjdkafer@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Doris Holderhttps://theamericanhouse.comdoris.holder@comcast.netRequest to unsubscribe I no longer want to receive these emailsSusan Kesslerhttps://theamericanhouse.comkesslerfarm@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscrubeWILLIAM J STONEhttps://theamericanhouse.comstone500@comcast.netcancellI live alone, and I go not see as well at 76 wo.WILLIAM J STONEhttps://theamericanhouse.comstone500@comcast.netcancellI live alone, and I go not see as well at 76 wo.WILLIAM J STONEhttps://theamericanhouse.comstone500@comcast.netcancellI can not see well at all...leave me alone for a change!JJhttps://theamericanhouse.comjohn.james1@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe MeJhttps://theamericanhouse.comnoneyuhbusiness@sbcglobal.netJust stopI've gotten your trash junk emails for weeks if not months. I've tried to "unsubscribe" multiple times and it still hasn't worked. I don't remember subscribing to you or your company, or any affiliate company, so please don't email me anymore.Alon Beehttps://theamericanhouse.comalonbee@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me!!!!!’nGerald Koochhttps://theamericanhouse.comkoochj@verizon.netunsubscribeunsubscribe meHeidihttps://theamericanhouse.comsukheidi@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe my email from all mailings Margaret Dolan https://theamericanhouse.comcuddles1501@yahoo.comReason for Unsubscribing There is no point in my receiving ads from all these sites since I am Australian and live in Australia! I have had this email address since very soon after Yahoo started, and years before was invented! Thank you for unsubscribing me! Margaret Dolan. Esther Jacobsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comrdelj@comcast.netTake me off!Why does it take such a process to get removed from this site???????Joanne O'Brienhttps://theamericanhouse.combabygrand48@yahoo.comtoo many pop up adsCan't even get through reading anything due to the annoying pop ups. Not worth the aggravation.harold garingerhttps://theamericanhouse.comhrgjr2002@comcast.netunsubscribe from all your lame sitesunsubscribe from allCarol D Geibehttps://theamericanhouse.comcarolgeibe2@comcast.netUndubscribingYour articles are impossible to read because of the pop up’s and annoying ads. William Spernhttps://theamericanhouse.combspern@yahoo.comunsubscribe all emailsUNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW!Sherronhttps://theamericanhouse.commurry_sherrin@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI keep getting these emails and I have unsubscribe a couple of times jan https://theamericanhouse.comjanjones111@yahoo.comunsubscribeTake me off every one of your lists!Lori Myershttps://theamericanhouse.comkmyers401@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me way too many Margohttps://theamericanhouse.commbmiller2@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe I am close to blind and cannot read. Nailya Owenshttps://theamericanhouse.comgregandnailya@comcast.netUnsubscribe Bye Stefanie Ryanhttps://theamericanhouse.comjsjbryan@comcast.netUnsubscribe from allPlease unsubscribe me from all publications.Leslie Donovanhttps://theamericanhouse.comlesliedonovan@comcast.netUnsubscribeThe website is fine. I just get too much email.Trish Bergstresserhttps://theamericanhouse.comray.bergstresser@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribe me from all! I have too many emails that I don't even read!M Fryehttps://theamericanhouse.commichaelnfrye@verizon.netMessageYour messages all are of no interestDhttps://theamericanhouse.comskeowes@yahoo.comStopNo more messagesAlmahttps://theamericanhouse.comalmap@comcast.netEmailsEliminating ALL automatic emails, trying to simplify life, noise, clutter . Thank you for understanding. Harold wagonerhttps://theamericanhouse.comhapwag@yahoo.comAdvertizementsReceive so many,all I do is delete them .waste of your expense and time!!Patty Wagonerhttps://theamericanhouse.comhapwag@yahoo.comAdvertizementsYour wasteing your time I don't read them. I move to trash!!Susan M. Steadmanhttps://theamericanhouse.comsusanmsteadman@aol.comunsubscribingI haven't got the time to read all these messages. If I want input on a specific topic, I will seek it myself.Daniel M Fuentehttps://theamericanhouse.comdanielfuente@comcast.netUn-SubscribeI have requested to be un-subscribed from your advertising network dozens of times. This is my finial request to have you remove my email address from all of your company's distribution lists that all of your clients and all your company or its affiliates may have, this is my finial request. Stop all future email communications to the email listed above Thanks. Kathleen Urbanskihttps://theamericanhouse.comkju51@comcast.netUnsubcribeI have filled out several of these requests and this is my FINAL effort to have you stop sending me email ads that I DO NOT WANT REMOVE ME FROM ALL YOUR LISTS jrbynumhttps://theamericanhouse.comjrbynum@comcast.netemaildon't want these emailsTerry choatehttps://theamericanhouse.comdactec@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo much clutter on my e mailpaula Leucihttps://theamericanhouse.compaulaleuci145@comcast.netREMOVE MY NAMESTOP SRNDING ME E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Karen Wellshttps://theamericanhouse.comboo3711@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed no less then 8 times in the past 2 weeks stop sending me stuffDan Newkirkhttps://theamericanhouse.comdfnewkirk@yahoo.comPlease Unsubscribe meThis is my work email i would rather not have to keep deleting your adds. ThanksHubert https://theamericanhouse.comhubertguillotte@yahoo.comUnsuscribe me please from allUnsuscribe me please from allAmyhttps://theamericanhouse.com2boilers@comcast.netConfusing Your subject matter is very interesting but the way the ads are woven throughout the article makes it very hard to focus on the subject and find the information. I’ll be UnsubscribingNeil James Batesonhttps://theamericanhouse.comnbateson@comast.netUnsubscribing Stop emailing me this the third time unsubscribing Kakoli Banerjeehttps://theamericanhouse.comkakolban@yahoo.comMisleading advertisements and inuniformed commentsI do not appreciate political advertisement (Is Biden hiding something?) on my feed. If I want political news stories, I am not likely to seek it from The American House. Further, there was comment from reader (that was not flagged) and which peddled nonsensical theories of COVID being a bio-weapon. I am very adept at reading scientific literature and use PUBMED all the time. The fact that your site spreads misinformation is not just alarming, it is unethical. 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I agree that a fence will block the sound of noisy deer (which are usually quiet anyway) but one at least eight feet high is required to block nosy deer. For "nosy" vs "noisy see <>Janethttps://theamericanhouse.comjjosep7754@aol.comUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribeJane Hanleyhttps://theamericanhouse.comdhanley36@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEunsubscribe me!michelle j mchenryhttps://theamericanhouse.comwoodcut2@comcast.netget off your listremove me from email list, never asked, never wanted invaded my computer then make me fill out questionnaire? some nerveChris Wisehttps://theamericanhouse.comChrisWise3@aol.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me from ALL of your mailing lists. Thank you Chrisjimhttps://theamericanhouse.comjimec@comcast.netallThis is a business address so quit sending advertising.Kenneth Robinsonhttps://theamericanhouse.comkrmalone2@comcast.netEmailsPlease stop sending me these emails. 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The emails keep coming. I revile the emails. They are achieving the anti-effect. I will do the revolt and do opposite. End this now please. Thanks, Don Vollmar Teresahttps://theamericanhouse.comteb1friend@yahoo.comStopI do NOT want all of these emails. Please stop!thomashttps://theamericanhouse.comstinpilpot@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeKim Georgehttps://theamericanhouse.comkhgeorge@comcast.netAgainThis is the third email today which I’ve had to unsubscribe from. May I please be taken off all subscriptions forever? Kim Georgehttps://theamericanhouse.comkhgeorge@comcast.net7th time I will respond to every email and document. This is the 7th time. I no longer wish to receive any emails from you regardless of what I sign up for. If you are unable to do this, please let me know how I am getting signed up so it will stop. Picture #7Kim Georgehttps://theamericanhouse.comkhgeorge@comcast.net8th timeThis is the eighth time I’ve asked to permanently removed from all future emails. 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I'm a Canadian .As such the content does not apply to me and I don't wish to be inundated with irrelevant ads.edhttps://theamericanhouse.comwadley5@yahoo.comyour adsMany of your ads presupposed that I'm an American. I am not; I'm a Canadian. As such the ads are irrelevant to me.michael w botelerhttps://theamericanhouse.commboteler2@comcast.netunwanted emailsI didn't subscribe to any of these sites and don't want emails regarding themSheilahttps://theamericanhouse.comsmsandklj@comcast.netYes, unsubscribeReceiving too many Edhttps://theamericanhouse.comehechtjr@yahoo.comGitStop jamming up my inbox!!!Patrick Sheehanhttps://theamericanhouse.compatrick_sheehan@comcast.netResubscribing WITHOUT permission after a month o twoI do not appreciate your resending me unsolicited emails a month or two after I have unsubscribed. 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Dan Swindlerhttps://theamericanhouse.comswindlers1@yahoo.comUnsubscribeDo not want this anymore.edward leehttps://theamericanhouse.comedwardlee8@verizon.netunsubscribetoo many emailsChuck Poolhttps://theamericanhouse.comKarmudjun@yahoo.com7 oudated home trends...You made a statement regarding Ferns: "If you have ferns in your bedroom, they can cause headaches because of carbon dioxide emissions" which on the surface appears true - oh so true. Lets break your misinformation down please: Plants do not engage in photosynthesis during hours with no light, and they only engage in cellular respiration like mammals do. So at night, just like the dogs and cats and significant others you sleep with - the release their gaseous byproducts at night. The Net Gas Exchange is well in favor of O2 release during the day as Ferns contributed greatly to the reduction in greenhouse gases eons ago when the Earth was extremely temperate. The claim that a Fern might cause headaches outside of an allergic reaction would require someone to sleep in an air-tight room that was barely larger than they were and all available space was crowded with ferns - then the CO2 might increase significantly over the night as the mammal in the room produces much more CO2 than the Ferns over the period of slumber. But a few hours of sunlight and the room is more than completely recharged with O2 and the bedroom - if allowed to have natural light - would have a much lower CO2 level before slumber than the ferm-less rooms. Apparently your program reads things but doesn't comprehend them too well - a room full of Ferns outside of an airtight chamber - will not contribute to CO2 induced headaches in a normal or even a "tight" dwelling. Are you Hamas members who sleep in tunnels and have no air exchange - then I forgive you, the association yields much lower human EQ & IQ.Lee Ann Sosahttps://theamericanhouse.comleeannsosa@yahoo.comWay too many adsIt's torture to read the articles because there are so many ads, even ones that pop up in the middle of the screen. Torture! I'm interested in the articles but I won't read any because of this. Marianna Raymondhttps://theamericanhouse.commarirayz@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI did not to be on your list. I do not want your emails.Khttps://theamericanhouse.comkatherinewaltz@aol.comUnsubscribeIt's junk advertising, I hate it!Keith Walshhttps://theamericanhouse.comkayowalsh@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Never asked to subscribe Jeff Ahttps://theamericanhouse.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEP!ease UNSUBSCRIBE me from your emails. I do not wish to receive them. 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I don't know *what* you are selling, but I certainly don't want any of it, so I'm asking you to go away and STAY AWAY --- NOW!!David Arispehttps://theamericanhouse.comdarispe134@yahoo.comUnsubscribeYour emails are nothing but advertisements. Please unsubscribe me from everything you send out.Glenna Douglashttps://theamericanhouse.comg.charlie2014@yahoo.comUnscribedIt takes forever to get to the article I want to see, I clicked on what I wanted to know about and then something else popped up... Stop piling on so much crap you really make it hard for someone to view only what they want to see💩💩😡Glenna Douglashttps://theamericanhouse.comg.charlie2014@yahoo.comUnscribedIt takes forever to get to the article I want to see, I clicked on what I wanted to know about and then something else popped up... 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